Digg 4: That’s How Social Media Should Work! Video

I got an invitation to the new Digg and jumped on it because I’d heard about the beta test of Digg 4 on Leo Laporte’s “This Week in Tech” when Kevin Rose was a guest this past weekend. I’m excited to see if this makes Digg more popular among the people I’m Connected to on FaceBook and those I follow on Twitter because, for the most part, they all share interests with me.

The exciting part to me is that this now makes Digg less about trying to get followers on Digg and then campaigning those followers to Digg your submissions than about leveraging connections you already have from other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to share what you care about.

I joined Digg back when it launched (under a different username) and was disappointed that it took campaigning to get my submissions considered. I wasn’t willing to both submit AND promote my submissions, so I dropped off and was never very active.

Here’s hoping that Digg 4 makes Digg more democratic and stops or slows the Digg Teen & Geek Cartels from dominating the home page.

Follow me on Twitter and if we’re already connected on FaceBook, I’ll see your Digg submissions and you’ll see mine. That’s how it should work.

Here is Kevin Rose in a video discussing the latest iteration of Digg – and here’s the episode of TWIT with Kevin Rose if you’re interested.

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