The Most Effective Ways To Market Your Website Through Twitter

Most people cannot live with Twitter. Twitter has become a part of their daily life. So does online business. Twitter can be a part of your online business too. And Twitter can help you to effectively market your website to your prospects. No matter what kind of business you are running online, Twitter will give you more opportunity to see good clients in your business. Here are the most effective ways to market your website through Twitter:

1. Use professional background image
Remember that your background image counts. The more professional your background image, the more people interested to follow you. Of course, the more professional your background image, the more potential followers will perceive you as an expert. Once you’ve placed your background image, it’s just a matter of how good your tweets in the past time. If you have good tweets, more people will decide to follow you. But first, hire a designer to design good background image for your Twitter account.

2. Provide information and conversation
Remember that you will use Twitter to give your potential clients necessary updates for whatever happening in your business. But, you should never forget that Twitter is a place for conversation. So, balance your information with good conversation. You don’t need to answer all @mention that you get. You simply answer @mention that makes you want to answer. But, the main key is balance. I hope you understand this.

3. Ask people to connect with you
There are many website owners that neglect the importance of asking their visitors to connect with their Twitter account. They just place the “t” image in the sidebar of their website and expect people to follow them immediately by doing only this. Remember, you have to ask your audience to follow your Twitter as often as possible, if you really want them to follow you. Do it in your blog posts. Don’t just let that image sit in your website and think that your audience will follow you automatically.

4. Make your Twitter valuable
Make your Twitter as valuable as your website. Twitter can give you good portion of your overall website traffic. So, don’t neglect its importance. If you truly regard your Twitter account as valuable thing for your business, then you will not fill your tweets with spam or crappy content. Nothing beats value. True value will deliver the best result for your business.

Those are the most effective ways to market your website through Twitter. Add this little platform to your marketing arsenal, and you’ll never regret it. Build more followers, deliver value, and you’ll see the result without fail.

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