FourSquare Launches Local Business Pages

Foursquare social networking has launched a “FourSquare For Business” featured pages to allow local businesses or international brands to gain easier visibility for their customers or clients. They will create a page, even for businesses without web sites, to connect via FourSquare and highlight their products and services on the site and through the application.

Below is a video showing how the pages will work to engage location based check-ins and real world customers with their brand.

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Here’s an excerpt from the FourSquare page about how the program will work

Whether you???re a national chain, a mom-and-pop shop, or anywhere in between, you can attract new customers or reward your most loyal ones by offering foursquare Specials ??? mobile coupons, prizes or discounts ??? which are presented to users when they check in at or near your venue. Specials create extra enticement to get customers to stop by ??? think 20% off a meal, a free dessert, or even a reserved parking spot for your most loyal customers. Specials can be tailored to fit your needs, whether it???s a unique discount for first-time customers or rewards for the 10th visit

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