10 Free Websites to use in 2012

The year is still young; 2012 can still be the year you reach out to friends, get better organized, or save money. There are websites out there that can help you reach these goals. Here are the top ten websites you should be visiting in 2012.

With over 500 million users, Facebook is larger than many countries. This site can help you reconnect with high school friends, college comrades, or your old army buddies. Using Facebook is free and takes minutes to set up.

If you hear people around you talking about “reading Tweets”, relax – the world hasn’t found a new obsession with bird calls. Tweets are small 160 character messages that you post from Twitter. You can post your own brief messages, and also “follow” other peoples Tweets. Mobile versions of this site exist as apps for smartphones, allowing you to post and Tweets no matter where you are.

This is the ultimate site to say, “I’ve been here”! This site also has a mobile version for your smartphone. Foursquare users “check in” to the establishments they visit. You earn points each time you check in. If you are the one who has checked into a site the most in a recent period – you are declared the “mayor” of that location. Some stores even offer coupon codes just for Foursquare users.

Saving money is one of the advantages to the internet. Local Groupon coupons vary each day, but as with all coupons – they can help you save. We’ve seen recent coupons for Old Navy, local sewing classes, local dance classes, and a variety of local restaurants.

This site is perfect for those precious pictures that were meant to be shared. With Flickr, you can load your photos, organize them into albums, and send private links to your friends and family.

It’s easy to lose track of information. Evernote is an online tool for tracking notes, pictures, and just about anything else you want to save and organize. A smartphone app is available as well. The service is free, but people who upload larger files may want to upgrade to a premium account.

Aside from the great prices, Amazon product listings feature user reviews which provide detailed information to help you make better buying decisions.

This website, owned by Google, features videos from all over the world. Aside from home videos and silly backyard stunts, you can find interesting lectures or music posted by soon-to-be-discovered singers.

Turning files from YouTube to mp3 files is quite convenient. Did you find an interesting lecture or piece of music on YouTube that you would like to take with you while commuting? This site easily converts YouTube to mp3 files you can play on your IPod or smartphone.

Did you know that Dell computer has its own EBay online account? EBay isn’t just for used junk anymore; many manufacturers are now using it to sell their overstock. Before you decide to pay full price, visit EBay and you may find what you need.

If you visit these sites, you’ll find yourself enjoying 2012 so much more.

THis article was provided by Nic. Nic is a part time DJ and manages over 30 online services.

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