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The world of SEO is like one of the gas giants orbiting the Sun. It is constantly changing and taking on a new shape, placing extra demands on the hard done by website owners. The important thing to remember is that the links that connect the Internet are like the gas that forms these worlds. SEO juice is nothing without an ever-changing landscape of link matrix’s to tell search engines what should rank above something else. If an authority website mentions a blog post by a relatively unknown blogger, what do you think is going to happen to the authority of that bloggers pages? Being referenced (linked to) by good websites is the digital equivalent of a pat on the back for providing good work.

Quality Not Quantity

Before Pandas and Penguins evolved (Googles Panda and Penguin algorithm updates in this case), the world of link building was simple. You could easily set-up a bot to create thousands of forum posts, forum profiles and even blog comments with links back to your website. This form of link spamming is now a quick-fire way to devalue your trust rating with Google. There is good news for Internet users who want to receive maximum benefit from their time online. Search engines are gearing up to reward websites that produce quality visitor experiences. This means there is a huge demand for well-researched, informative and readable blogs. Poorly written blogs that are full of fluff will rank poorly or be completely de-listed. This means that any sites with back links originating from these sights will be downgraded as their link juice disappears.

Real Relationships Create Real Results

The main reason for creating thousands and thousands of back links in the past was to portray a website as an authority on a particular subject. This is why anchor text had to be relevant and there was more power to the link when it came from a page that was relative to the website. This has changed ever so slightly, because it was relatively easy to get thousands of back links from directories that sprang up all over the Internet. The directories had good and relative URLs, which were rich in keywords and as there would be similar businesses on the page, the overall impression was one of high relevancy.

Smart Crawling and Rapid Analyzing

When bandwidth and storage was a problem, websites could gain a lot of ground by using an automatic directory submitter and it was just not feasible for the major search engines to differentiate between a back-link originating from a quality source, compared to a link from as bot. Now things have changed and the speed at which web crawlers can collect and analyse data is no obstacle. This means complicated algorithms can analyse back links and spot a spam bot simply by analyzing the anchor text across a few of the backlinks it observes. When you consider the budget of the Google research and development would probably end poverty in large parts of the world, you can understand why it is becoming impossible to “game” the search engines.

Honesty is the Free Persons Currency

Luckily, we all have choices; sadly, we all have to live with them. What can we learn about marketing our website from one of the worlds greatest ever thinkers?

Albert Einstein said;

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters, cannot be trusted with important matters”.

This is very relevant to a websites reputation with search engines. When a website is caught using “spammy” linking techniques, how can the search engines trust the good links they find?

The Simple Solution

There is not really a need to say this at this point, but I will for those who have yet to click on. The only way to create great back links, is to offer high quality, well-researched and engaging content that visitors are happy to acknowledge by sharing on social networks. With a combination of great posts on your own site and back links from similarly great posts, your reputation with the search engines can only improve.

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