How Social Media Recruitment Can Benefit Your Business

We all know that the internet makes it easier for us to connect socially, but when it comes to seeking out job candidates, most employers still rely on agencies and job boards. That said, social media recruitment is becoming more and more common. Some businesses get all their recruitment done online, and most enjoy huge success from it. Here’s why:


Social media recruitment may seem more time-consuming than traditional recruitment, but it’s far more cost-effective. Job listings and printed ads all cost money, whereas online, you only have to spend time. You can reach far more people, spend far less money, and be far more specific about what you’re looking for in an employee.

Beyond the CV

It’s not uncommon for employers to find candidates who seem perfect on paper, but for whatever reason turn out to be completely unsuitable when interviewed. Social media recruitment allows you to find out about the person before getting to that stage. You can tell a lot about a person from the way they conduct themselves online, so in some ways, a less professional social media profile is actually a better indicator of how a person would be as an employee.

Candidates who have their profiles set to private may be conscientious and professional, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss those who let a little more personality show through. As long as they’re not saying anything inappropriate, irresponsible or offensive, there’s nothing wrong with candidates acting a little more relaxed online.

You may find some potential employees are completely hopeless at social media. If connecting with people online is a big part of your business, then this is definitely something worth checking for during the recruitment process — even if you ultimately recruit using traditional methods.

Less time wasted

Social media recruitment may take up more of your time at first, but in the long run, it can save you hours. The process allows you to weed out the unsuitable candidates early on, so you don’t need to waste time interviewing several dozen people for the same job.

Sites like LinkedIn make recommendations and referrals much easier, and it’s quite possible that someone in your network will know somebody perfect for the job you’re offering. Make use of these connections — that’s what professional social networks are for.

Better for candidates

Not all potential employees will use job boards to find employment. Some might not be actively looking for a job, but are unhappy where they currently work. If you think somebody would be a good fit in your company, it’s worth reaching out to them.

Social media recruitment also gives candidates a chance to explore you as a brand, as opposed to seeing your company somewhere in a whole list of others. Your brand has a personality, and this is much more visible on social media than it is on a job listing.

All in all, social media recruitment is certainly something you should be considering, especially if a lot of your business takes place online and you’re already using social media for marketing. Of course, there are several legal considerations, but there are when you use more traditional forms of recruitment, too.

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