How to Market with Social Media

Online Marketing & Social Media as Business Tools

What Is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is the interactive process of selling your company, goods or services over the internet. A good online marketing strategy will create a synergy between your company’s business model and sales goals and your overall website appearance and function. Some of the most commonly used online marketing strategies include internet advertising (hyper links and ad banners), the management of a customer data base and email strategies. Using a broad mix of components (see “Social Media”) the purpose of online marketing is to increase brand awareness and generate revenue through sales.

How Is Online Marketing Used?

Online Marketing should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. Although many companies still utilize more traditional methods of marketing, not having a strategy for online marketing means you are not reaching an incredibly large sector of the market. Online marketing should showcase eye-catching web design, develop and enhance your brand, utilize online advertising and ultimately, increase your sales. In addition to promoting and advertising your business, an online marketing strategy will allow you to conduct research revealing the preferences, needs and demographics of your customers. You can also post press releases and articles.

Why Is Online Marketing Important To My Business?

Online Marketing is important for the same reason a more traditional marketing plan is. How are you going to generate revenue without selling anything? Online marketing combines creative and technical elements so that you have a specific look and feel to your company while maximizing the broad marketing opportunities web technology provides. One of the most exciting things about online marketing is that you can reach your customers anywhere at anytime! Probably the most important reason to engage in online marketing is that almost everyone else does. If you don’t, all of your competitors will attract and keep your customers!

What Is Social Media?

Social Media is an internet based means of communication allowing you to interact with other people. There are various forms of social media. You may recognize the names Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Digg for example. These sites allow users to create a presence on the internet as well as post and exchange written content, pictures, video and audio messages, emails, blogs and podcasts. Social media is inexpensive and wide reaching, allowing you to connect with literally millions of people both nationally and internationally. Social media gets your message, business or products known in a web based interactive way.

How Is Social Media Used?

Social Media is used to create an online community, develop a following, exchange ideas and information and build relationships. It is also a great way to generate “traffic” to your website which is another way of saying that people are able to find you online and then go directly to your website. There are also many ways that Social Media can be effective for specific business purposes. A business can “gather links” which means you can provide a link to someone else’s website where they then promote you. You can also post other business links on your website. This encourages cross promotion and is a great way to attract more internet attention. Businesses also use Social Media to test a market or product, generate feedback, provide customer service, hold webinars, blast emails and post announcements or useful company information.

Why Is Social Media Important To My Business?

Social Media is an incredibly fast way to develop or increase brand awareness, improve your reputation or position yourself as an expert in a certain field. Social Media can also keep you up to date on industry news, provide you with an education that can be applied to your business model, and have related industry recommendations. It is also an excellent path for personal development. Finally, Social Media can build strong and numerous relationships, enable you to network with an international community, post testimonials about your products or services, advertise or promote and in general, build your business bigger, stronger, faster.

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