Is Social Media a Load of Hype?

Is social media a load of hype – interesting question, isn’t it?

After all, it’s probably the biggest phenomenon happening on the web right now.

It’s cheap. It’s easy to get onto. And it can give you massive leverage. But there’s one downside: IT TAKES TIME.

No different to normal networking, really.

If you look at networking in the real world, it does work. I’ve gained clients from networking… I’ve met friends from networking…and while I haven’t done a lot of networking over recent years, I have made money from it before.

However, here’s what you need to weigh up.

Is the networking worth the time?

Because you know, when I look at the most successful people I know… the people bringing in seven figure incomes… they are not spending all their time on social networking sites.

They’re spending their time running ads, sending out sales letters and doing things on a larger scale.

Sure, they all network.

But they network smart.

I once went to seminar with a guy who was a millionaire. And one of the things he said was: don’t spend all your time at seminars talking to everyone and handing out business cards. You’re not going to get wealthy doing that.

Instead, target particular centres of influence and focus on building a relationship with them.

And a few months ago, when I interviewed a social networking expert, she said that 95% of your business from places like twitter and facebook don’t come directly from people buying from you and your links.

But that’s the way so many people are using it.

They are using it to try and sell stuff.

Big mistake.

Instead, use this medium to build relationships. And focus on building relationships with centres of influence who really count.

And once you have invested the time in building those relationships, send them the fill in the blanks letter template on pages 10-11 of lesson #2 of (which I’ll send you in advance if you order today) in order to leverage that relationship many, many, many times over.

Remember, it’s not the amount of followers you have on twitter…or the number of friends you have on facebook…in my view you can achieve huge levels of success…

By cultivating DEEP relationships with KEY centres of influence.

Nurturing those relationships by providing them with quality information, ideas and conversation.

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