Make LinkedIn Your Company’s Best Friend

Social media is dominating our attention online and when your business is communicating with other businesses and working primarily with business people – it may be a good idea to provide a simple method of login if your site requires it.

Rather than requiring your site members to create yet another login to join your site or do something as simple as comment on your blog – why not provide access via other services?

Gigya is a social media enabled login used on WebSite101 – PCWorld has just come out with a report that shows business related sites that allow login via LinkedIn can tap into career oriented business people by allowing them to login via LinkedIn, rather than the more common FaceBook or Twitter logins.

LinkedIn login to WebSite101

LinkedIn login to WebSite101

Only Geeks understand what’s going on in the background with OAuth or OpenID – and while that is available via Gigya – business people are likely to prefer a login that lets them focus on business when on a business site. They will probably prefer the LinkedIn login.

If you’d like to comment on WebSite101, we offer the ability to do that via your LinkedIn account. Login to WebSite101 and let us know if that option works well for you.

While it’s still more common to see sites that allow visitors to sign in using their existing Facebook and Twitter identities, LinkedIn began providing similar functionality about a year ago. Now, it looks like users of business-oriented Websites are taking full advantage of that capability.

In January, LinkedIn accounted for 27 percent of the social sign-ons at stock market news site SeekingAlpha, Gigya notes, while the Harvard Business Review saw 20 percent of its social sign-ons come through LinkedIn. The Internet Advertising Bureau, meanwhile, saw 14 percent come in that way, Gigya reported.

via 4 Ways to Make LinkedIn Your Company’s Best Friend – PCWorld Business Center.

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