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Small business owners are just beginning to hear the buzz about the importance of social media to improving their brand image and to growing a local business. Those SMB’s who are successfully leveraging social media now are doing so very often because one or two staff members are enthusiastic participants on FaceBook and/or Twitter and encourage them to establish a social media presence for the business.

While that employee participation is to be encouraged and nurtured, business owners need to know that the time spent by employees leads to increased profit, an increase in customer loyalty or solves customer service issues for the company. Costs incurred need to be tied to a business goal and employees need guidance to understand that their Tweets and Facebook page posts are bringing in sales or leads.

The following press release announces availability of software that automates portions of the social media tasks and helps to track activity and tie it to business purposes and gain new clients, while keeping existing customers.

Splash Media, LP Releases SplashCube™, a Proprietary Social Media Marketing and Management Software Tool for Businesses

SplashCube is a First of its Kind, ‘Social Media Marketing Made Easy’ Tool for Online Marketers

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) September 20, 2011 Effective social media marketing is now easy, simple, fast and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Splash Media, one of the largest social media marketing firms in the United States, today announces that SplashCube – a software product containing the secrets of more than 60,000 hours of proven social media tactics and strategies – is now available for purchase.

SplashCube™ helps businesses generate sales leads, build their online communities, monitor social brand reputations, measure the effectiveness of their social networks and gain access to Splash Media’s specialized video training library. For a small monthly fee, companies can chart their progress, publish posts across major social media networks and get instant answers to their social media marketing questions.

“Bringing our social media marketing knowledge and expertise to a wider market is one of our top priorities here at Splash Media. SplashCube leverages tens of thousands of man-hours that our team has spent delivering social media marketing services to our clients. We are excited to announce that any business can now take their social media marketing to new levels by following the battle-tested and proven recommendations of SplashCube,” said Chris Kraft, President, CEO and Co-Founder.

“Our focus on social media’s interaction with business value allowed us to approach typical social media challenges with a different perspective,” said Josh Team, Vice President of Technology. “We don’t put a lot of weight into things like sentiment and size of voice because we found it had little to no impact for the hundreds of thousands of small to medium-size businesses out there trying to penetrate social media. Instead, we focused on what activity directly led to incremental revenue gains and then built a measurement and recommendation engine that helps businesses achieve that activity.”

In addition to getting everything they need for their social media marketing efforts, users of SplashCube also gain free access to Splash Media U™, the first on-demand video-based social media training library – an annual value of $3,995. Splash Media U’s initial curriculum features more than 70 video classes taught by the firm’s social media marketing managers, with the goal of expanding to more than 200 classes by the end of 2011. The classes available now range from basic topics, such as setting up a Facebook page, to more advanced issues like running a specific campaign across multiple social media outlets.

What Makes SplashCube Special?

The SplashCube software includes the following features:

  • Social Media HealthScore™ – SplashCube’s proprietary algorithms analyze, grade and score an organization’s social networks against similar companies using social media marketing. While other products gauge popularity, SplashCube measures overall social media effectiveness.
  • Social To-Do List – SplashCube prescribes the best activities to help social networks drive business leads. There’s no wasted effort; SplashCube focuses only on those activities that should get results.
  • Monitoring – What’s being said about a brand on Facebook and Twitter? SplashCube keeps track of company mentions and potential leads, allowing businesses to protect reputations and join the online conversation.
  • Publishing – Instead of publishing posts and updates on separate social networks, SplashCube enables businesses to publish across all linked social platforms. Unlike other multiplatform clients, SplashCube keeps track of how content will impact business goals. Businesses can also schedule posts for future distribution.
  • Social Target View – This feature allows companies to see an easy-to-understand graphic that shows the strengths and weaknesses of their social media communities based on four criteria: frequency of posts, broadcasting effectiveness, content engagement and outreach activity.
  • Splash Media offers free technical support via toll-free number and email, and is also scheduling live webinars to answer real-time questions from users.

More information and instant SplashCube registration is available at
SplashCube System Requirements
Browser – Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 7, Safari 3.11, Firefox 3.0 or higher
Adobe Flash Player 8 or higher

Splash Media, LP, based in Dallas, Texas, is one of the largest companies in the United States to provide full social media marketing services for small and midsize businesses around the world. Splash Media designs customized social media strategies for clients, provides text and video content, incorporates traditional internet marketing and SEO, and monitors online reputations and brand mentions.
Splash Media’s unique services for clients include a $5.5 million video production facility using state-of-the-art virtual reality backgrounds and an Emmy Award-winning video production staff. The blend of interactive digital marketing and leading-edge video results in compelling content that can drive new business leads and create thriving online communities for customers.
Splash Media also offers its own software product: SplashCube, a one-of-a-kind social media management tool that grades businesses on their use of social networks and provides real-time guidance for building online communities.

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