How To Make Money With Your Own Profitable Blog

How To Make Money With Your Own Profitable Blog… Without Doing Any Work — Ever!

By Marketing Basics

The above headline is absolutely true. If you’ve been looking for a way to make money with your own Internet business, without all of the work that goes along with it, you’ve just found it!

Sounds too good to be true, right? There must be a catch!

You’re absolutely right, there is a catch! No one is going to just hand you a fully functional blog that’s all set up and ready to make money–for free.

No way! You’re going to have to pay for it! But we’ll get to the cost later on.

Right now, we want to explain to you what a blog is and why you should have one yourself:

In simple terms, a blog is a web site, where you write content on an ongoing basis. As you add content to your blog, new posts are automatically positioned on top of previous posts, so your visitors can see “what’s new.” Then they can comment on it or link to it or e-mail you if they choose to do so.

A blog can be a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts.

Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules.

A blog is often a combination of what’s happening in someone’s personal and business life and what is happening on the web–a kind of high-tech, hybrid diary/guide site– and there are seemingly as many unique types of blogs as there are people.

Although, you’ve probably only recently started hearing about blogs, individuals actually maintained blogs long before the term was coined or became popular–but the trend gained momentum with the introduction of automated published systems, most notably Google’s Blogger at

Thousands of individuals use services such as Blogger to simplify and accelerate the publishing process.

Blogs are also called web logs or weblogs. However, the name “blog” is less confusing, because “web log” can also mean a server’s log files.

So, how does having a blog benefit you?

After copywriting, the single most important element to owning an Internet business, without a doubt, is the ability to generate targeted traffic.

That’s because, after copywriting, the single most important ingredient of any commercial website is…. a hungry audience with money to spend.

Sure, you could spend money putting up an ordinary website, submitting it to all the search engines, and promoting it like crazy — but all the traffic in the world isn’t going to do you much good if your web visitors click away without buying anything and never come back.

That happens much more often than you realize.

However, unlike a regular website, we can quickly and easily help you get established with your very own blog based business that will reap an immeasurable recurring income for years to come.

Here’s why:

Search engines love blogs and the content of RSS feeds. Why? Because blogs and RSS feeds provide fresh content to search engines — and search engines love fresh content!

And as long as we continue posting relevant content and updating your blog, search engines spiders will visit your site again and again, improving your search engine ranking and bringing you even more targeted, hungry buyers with money to spend!

Timing really is everything, and you’re in the right place at the right time. Did you know that a new blog is registered every 7.8 seconds?

Blog search engine Technorati reports adding a million new blogs to its index over the past three months, bringing the total to 4 million.

Yes! New Blogs are being registered at an astounding rate and right now — TODAY is the time to grab your share of this rapidly exploding market!

You’re probably wondering, how much money
can you make?

That’s a good question. Unfortunately, there’s just no way to say for sure. There are individuals making anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars a month with their blogs.

If we gave you an exact dollar figure, we’d be lying to you, because we honestly
don’t know with 100% certainty how much income your blog is going
to generate. No one can tell you that.

But we can promise you this: We will build you a professional, money-making blog, similar to this one. We will take care of promoting it, adding fresh content regularly, and maintaining it. And we will do everything within our power to help your blog make money.

Your blog can be about anything you like — pets, boats, airplanes, books, photograpy, recipes, whatever!

Just tell us what you want your blog theme to be about and we’ll take care of the rest.

We make owning your own blog business simple. You don’t need to worry about
RSS technology, HTML, search engines, advertising or anything else.
We take care of everything for you!

Interested? For further details, just visit our blog, by clicking
on the link below!  Marketing Basics specializes in writing
articles that teach, explain and define basic marketing principles
and techniques.

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