Top 5 Techniques To Drive More Social Media Traffic To Your WordPress Site

Most blog owners dream of driving huge traffic to their blogs or websites. The more people visit a site, the more it shows that such a site has useful content for its readers.

It is one of the main reasons bloggers usually turn to the use of unscrupulous optimization methods. No bad deed ever goes unpunished, therefore, such a person may find that they are gaining traffic, but in the end they may get blacklisted by search engines such as Google when it is discovered that they are using blackhat techniques to gain traffic.

I also have the same dream as most bloggers; to drive traffic to my website from social media sites. It is only recently that I realized the power of social media, and that is why today I often use various social media Plugins for WordPress. To my surprise these plugins drive traffic to my sites like crazy. So, if you are looking for ways to drive traffic to your site, then you need to try out these top social media Plugins. They are easy to use, and I can guarantee that you will be able to see the difference in your site stats once you use them. In fact, these are my top 5 selections for 2012:

1. Simple Share

This is a simple plugin that lets you share posts, with any social media site. It is easy to use by just a click of a button. It is in fact one of the few simple social media Plugins used today.

2. Follow Me Plugin

This is another social media plugin for WordPress that allows a person to show all their social media profiles easily. Based on your preference, the icon can be placed on the sidebar, or the top of the site. It is a simple plugin that is quite effective, and works well with almost any type of browser. Therefore, I would personally recommend this to most site owners.

3. Share Button

The Share button is a great plugin that lets people email, bookmark, and even share pages and posts. A person will be able to use twitter, Google+, Delicious, or any other social media site to bookmark your site. It is in fact one of the best social media plugins for WordPress that I have ever used.

4. Digg Digg

Another great plugin that you ought to try out is digg digg.  You can share all your posts with one button. It is a great way to ensure fast sharing, with all your social media profiles.

Digg digg is also great because it provides a count for the various social media profiles. For example; it can show the number of people who viewed a post in twitter, Google, and so on.

5. Add This

The Add This plugin is one of my favourites. It can be used on almost any WordPress theme. I came across this one while reading a DIY Theme Review. This versatile app gives you the opportunity to share content and posts easily.

There are many other Plugins that you can try out, but these are my top picks, and as John Keats said, ‘Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.’ Therefore, I have tried out all these Plugins and I can tell you that they were all a very good experience and some of the best plugins out there today.

Apart from his love of affiliate marketing, James Martell is an avid blogger and his favourite platform is WordPress. He likes trying out new themes and is currently trying out the Genesis Themes on for his client. However, he also likes trying out new WordPress Plugins as well to find the ones that work best for the site he is building.

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