Top 5 Facebook Features For Business

Is your business using social media to engage customers? Only 47% of businesses are using social networks like Facebook to interact with their customers according to statistics found in The Power of Like, a white paper published by comScore in May 2011. Getting social with your customers online may be just the nudge they need to purchase your products and services over your biggest competitors. Below is an overview of the five most important Facebook features for business.

1. Fan Pages

Fan pages are separate from individual user accounts on Facebook, though they serve a similar function. With a fan page you can add more Facebook fans than you can have friends on an individual account. You can post status updates, respond to others, upload photos and access all of the other features of individual Facebook accounts. Another plus is the ability to add multiple administrators to your fan page. This is great for busy organizations whose Facebook pages will generate lots of interest.

2. Event Listings

Facebook event listings make it easy to notify fans of sales, product demonstrations and any other events your company may hold either as a service or as a means to market your products and services. When you publish a new event, you have the option to invite fans who can in turn choose to invite their own friends. Choose to allow public opt-ins so Facebook users can see how popular your event is. Popular events will really boost your company’s credibility in the eyes of Facebook users.

3. PPC Advertising

Facebook has one of the best PPC advertising programs available. Unlike many other PPC programs, Facebook is able to target users based upon gender, location, interests and a whole slew of other factors that users have voluntarily submitted via their profile. Advertisers are able to display a small thumbnail image along with their ad text. Alternatively, advertisers are able to submit ads as surveys and pay-per-response. Companies can control their total spend on PPC advertising by setting daily quotas or by specifying a click quota for the whole campaign.

4. Status Updates and the News Feed

Approximately 27% of all user activity is focused on the Facebook newsfeed. Broadcasting the latest news to fans about your business, products and promotions is as simple as updating the status on your fan page. Update your status several times daily to increase the level of exposure your business receives.

5. Photos and Promotional Videos

Facebook allows your business the opportunity to share photos and videos with other users on your fan page. Demo new products, share a video blog about your company or upload other content that your fans will find informative and entertaining.

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