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Small business can benefit dramatically from using cloud-based applications for small business computing applications. There is no need to purchase expensive software to host on your own computer or to have complex proprietary software developed just for your own business when that has been done for you already. You can pay on a subscription basis for business computing needs with the benefit of never needing to upgrade the software to the latest edition – the provider does that step seamlessly in the background and without interruption of service when you need it most.

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Cloud Computing Software for Small Business

Cloud Computing - Software for Small Business Infographic

According to Gartner’s 2011 predictions, number one on their lisf of Top Strategic Technologies is Cloud Computing.

For service-based businesses Including email marketing Whether a small business is looking at improving its accounting procedures, creating an effective email marketing campaign,
or searching for a way to book their appointments online, cloud applications are becoming the tool of choice for a variety of tasks.


Cloud apps generally do not require any installations or downloads, and as the developers of these software services typically have the small
business owner in mind, they’re generally easy to learn and use. Many cloud based apps offer owners, operators and staff a free trial to see if it fits their business.

COST ACCESSIBILITY All you need is an internet connection, something most small business owners already have. Perhaps the most important benefit of cloud computing applications is that the cost of today’s cloud based software is affordable and fits most budgets. It is the ideal solution for owners and staff who are constantly on the road. There is no need for expensive outside IT support . The service provider maintains and monitors the program, as well as conducts upgrades and updates.


Use FreshBooks to manage invoicing, expenses and time sheets for up to three clients, as well as send and receive an unlimited number of invoices for free.

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