Investing In Your Customer: Creating Value With ERP And Manufacturing

One of the foundations of any business is ensuring the customer is always pleased with their service. The customer must perceive value from the transaction. In global manufacturing that policy must be at the front of everything the company does. Investors, clients and their customers must all see value to experience success.

Streamlining the Value

How do we get the value faster? With online Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems it can be a total transformation of business practices. Online ERP software allows businesses to streamline their production and increase their value to their customers.

  • Efficient manufacturing planning and execution: ERP makes the manufacturing process streamlined for efficiency. It incorporates best practices and enables efficient coordination throughout the stages of production.
  • Faster response time: With online ERP, information can be easily updated because it is well organized and easily accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: With instant access to planning and production timelines, plans and more. Manufacturing companies can communicate with their customers much faster and more efficiently keeping them on top of their customer’s demands. Making them more valuable to the customer.

  • Drive performance: Through ERP managers and executives can easily track performance. They can set production goals and track actual production in relation to their goals. With those test results they can adjust goals and production to maximize performance.

Many manufacturing companies see more than just a local demand for their products, but often the demands expand globally. With high expectations from customers, the efficiency moves past the production lines of manufacturing companies. Every department must operate cohesively to achieve customer satisfaction.

Customers want their products and they want them now: ERP keeps everyone on track.

With so many moving parts throughout the world it’s easy for miscommunication and data to be confused. Online ERP can keep track of it all no matter where employees are located throughout the world. It’s easy to monitor production from afar, keep track of accounting, marketing, customer relations, new sales, production plans and more. It’s all available on the cloud for the company to easily see and communicate to other employees. Because everything is readily available, production runs smoothly.

The online ERP investment

What about the bottom line? Any major transition and software system upgrade can be a headache. But when it improves lines of communication and production, it’s worth the investment. The more production that manufacturing companies put out, the more value the customers will see possibly turning them into repeat customers or even long-term customers – turning initial investment into long term ROI for the company.

This is a guest post by Sandra Bellow on behalf of QAD. QAD provides Online ERP Software created exclusively for manufacturing companies. QAD On Demand alleviates IT burden, risk and the variables associated with on premise deployments. 

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