Microsoft Windows for Newbies Tutorial Ebooks

Microsoft Windows for Newbies Tutorial EbooksPC & Internet Companion by The Newbie Club

PC and Internet Companion The PC & Internet Companion is the biggest and most ambitious publication that the Newbie Club has ever produced, and they obviously have concentrated on over- delivering on the amount of help, tutorials, and learning tools it contains. It’s actually a library of 6 individual volumes combined into one downloadable eBook.

Here’s what it contains : 6 Volumes, 43 Chapters, 32 Topics, 123 Charts, Images, and Screen Captures. And a MASSIVE 849 Tips, Tutorials, and additional Resources.

It’s specifically designed to be used as … A comprehensive in-depth course, OR; An occasional learning center to be dipped into as time permits, OR; The ultimate reference library to refer to whenever you come across a PC or Internet problem you don’t understand. That’s why it’s called Companion, because you can have it sit on your PC desktop, ready at all times just to delve into as and when you wish. I have personally read this e-book and highly recommend it. Take a look at it for yourself.

Keyboard MAGIC! by Tom Glander

Keyboard Magic“DID YOU KNOW?” …
… A mouse is a no-brainer to use when you first start learning computerish, yet there are hundreds of things which can ONLY be performed by your keyboard. But because you never learn them, you never use them! It’s like driving your car in permanent first gear, because you were never told you could shift up! The Newbie Club’s fastest selling eBook is called ‘Keyboard MAGIC!’ and it will TRANSFORM your speed and creativity. Read about it here and prepare for a shock – it’s Only $9.95!

First Website Builder by The Newbie Club

First Website Builder Learn how to build your own personally designed Website in 2 days or less. The Newbie Club has brought together 4 individual authors – including a Newbie – to create the very first Newbie-Speak publication of it’s kind. The Newbie Club First Website Builder shows you how to create, write, present, backup, promote and publish your First Website. And all accomplished with FREE programs, and graphics. This groundbreaking 4 volume publication makes Website ownership a reality for ALL NEWBIES.
First Website Builder

Windows For Newbies by Tom Glander

Windows for Newbies“Take Firm Control Of Your PC And Totally Transform Your Internet Experience With The Most Unique And Entertaining PC Learning Course On The Web”. It’s simply called Windows For Newbies… is the amazingly successful PC Tutor that uses 52 minutely detailed and illustrated Tutorials to guide, prompt and almost ‘force’ you to conquer the fundamental basics of your computer. And once you know the basics, the sky’s the limit! Because you’ll have all the confidence and know-how you’ll ever need to go on and tackle any task.
Take control of your Windows Now.

Registry For Newbies by Tom Glander

Registry for NewbiesAre you just a little curious? What kind of person would be interested in the Windows Registry? Is it just for techies? Or is it for the curious? Maybe you’d like to discover what the Registry definitely has to offer. What it really does. And how you can unleash its power in a controlled fashion.
Solve the mystery once and for all

Email for Newbies by The Newbie Club

E-mail For Newbies Are You Totally Confused by the complexities of Email? Don’t know about email accounts, clients, web based, headers, virus killers, Subject lines, Pop 3’s, aliases and all the other Gobbledygook? The picture-driven ‘Email for Newbies’ from the Newbie Club, will solve your frustrations immediately. Discover how one guy learned more in 2 hours than in 2 years of trial and error with Email for Newbies

MS Word MAGIC! – Book 1 by Linda F. Johnson

MS Word Magic - Vol 1Microsoft Word is the world’s favorite word processing program If you don’t have it on your computer, chances are you eventually will. And yet, like most software, its huge range of features and creative benefits remain hidden behind a wall of difficult and boring help files. But not any more! MS Word MAGIC! is a stunning ebooklet from The Newbie Club, and it’s so full of screen captures, pictures, and Newbie-Speak exercises, you’ll wonder how on earth they keep the price down to only $9.95! Read about it here – It’s brilliant!

MS Word MAGIC! – Book 2 by Linda F. Johnson

MS Word Magic - Table WizardryIn book 2 of Word MAGIC!, Linda shows you table wizardry. “Discover How To Create Stunning Letters, Presentations, Greetings Cards, Promotional Materials, Memos, Reports And More – Just Like The Professionals”. You’ll learn how to create basic tables, how to spruce them up, and how to create more advanced tables. You’ll also get some sample tables to show you just how versatile these types of documents are. Get Table Wizardry From Here.

DigiCam MAGIC! by Jann Gentry

Digital Camera MagicDigital Camera Manuals Were Never Written Like This! Veteran photographer Jann Gentry has crammed 24 years of experience into a stunning 7 chapter masterpiece called DigiCam MAGIC! And it’s published by The Newbie Club so you know it’s a winning combination. They’ve become famous for their astonishing ability to translate all things ‘Techie’ into the Plain English they call ‘Newbie-Speak’. This in-depth publication promises – yes PROMISES – to show you how to create truly memorable pictures you’ll be proud of. A magical combination if ever there was one, and all is revealed here.

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