Guidelines For Troubleshooting EXE Errors Related To Internet Issues

The Internet has provided a whole new dimension to our lives as well as the way we conduct our business. Therefore, it is not surprising to see an increasingly large number of computers continuously connected to the Internet. It has improved our productivity, increased the pace of information sharing and revolutionized communication in addition to several other benefits. However, the Internet also occasionally suffers some glitches and problems.

One of the most commonly seen problems associated with the internet are errors related to executable files or exe errors. However, these exe errors are usually simple to resolve and therefore, you do not need to panic when you encounter them. Here are some of the common exe errors related to internet issues and guidelines for troubleshooting them.

Error while opening Internet Explorer

This type of annoying error does not allow us to open Internet Explorer because of an error related to one of the exe files. You may receive an error message which says that there is some problem with the java\jre6\bin\ssvagent.exe file.

In order to get rid of this error, you need to disable the process from Internet Tools.

Error while opening a New Browser Window

In some instances, you may not encounter a problem while opening the browser but the error may surface while opening a new window of your Internet explorer. You may receive a message similar to this one:

ssvagent.exe Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item.

This problem may be caused by a corrupt Windows registry and can be rectified by cleaning the registry thoroughly. However, if it is not rectified, then you may need to first uninstall and then reinstall the latest Java version on your system. In case you can do without Java, then you can simply uninstall the program and continue browsing the internet.

Error during the start-up or shutdown process

There are several internet applications that come installed on a new computer or are installed by the user later on. At times, a file from these applications may pose problems for your computer. An example is the issue pertaining to the file eulalauncher.exe. The error associated with this file opens a window known as The Google End User License Agreement during the start-up process and does not allow it to close.

The simplest solution to these kinds of problems is to verify that the start-up file is essential for start-up or not. If it is not, as is the case in the above mentioned file, then it is recommended that you immediately remove the file from the start-up list. You can do this by using the System Configuration Utility (msconfig) in Windows.

Error caused by virus posing as an Internet application File

This is the most unpredictable of the errors as it may cause problems ranging from trivial issues to serious fatal errors. This kind of problem is encountered when a virus manages to enter into the system disguised as a legitimate internet file and then replaces the original file.

For example, dsca.exe which is a legal file belonging Dell Online Support may be overwritten by a malicious file with a name like dscca.exe, dssca.exe or dsa.exe. Therefore, you should never attempt to connect your computer to the internet without ensuring that you are adequately protected against virus and spyware that are on the lookout for security loopholes in your system.

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