How to Use Twitter 101 Tutorial for Small Business

Don’t Just Type Your “Tweets”- Speak Them

By Merle

When it comes to social networks, Twitter is definitely king. With millions of users, and new ones coming on board daily, this micro-blogging service is a very powerful communication tool.

In the space of 140 characters, you can type short messages and instantly send them to your “followers”. But what if you don’t have Internet access and you still want to send those tweets? No problem. If you have a phone, you can speak your messages, and within a short amount of time see them posted on Twitter.

Let’s review some of the services that can be used to make this possible.

Twitter & Advertising: Do These Two Really Belong Together?By Merle

The latest craze sweeping the Net right now is Twitter. This micro-blogging tool has evolved into millions of loyal users who love and use it daily. Twitter attempts to answer the question, “What are you doing right now?” It’s very similar to text messaging, but your “tweets” are only seen by those who have chosen to “follow you”.

Over the last few years, many have developed third party software and plug-ins that enable users to do more with Twitter. Along the same lines, many have been thinking of ways to profit from Twitter. Of course, since Twitter lets you communicate with people from all over the world, a natural connection is how to advertise to that crowd. (more …)

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