Is Twitter Right for Your Business?

If you haven’t joined Twitter yet, you may be wondering what all the commotion is about. Is the social network really a great way to promote your business or just a big waste of time? More to the point, is using Twitter the right way to market your business?

Twitter is a communication tool that can be used to communicate and network with people all over the world. Posts on Twitter, usually called “tweets”, are limited to 140 characters that presumably answer the question “what are you doing”? Although posts can be anything from mundane to cryptic and anything in between, a good “tweet” or post can help you to effectively and easily promote your business.

Here are some examples of ways that business are using tweets as an effective marketing tool to communicate with customers:

  • A small coffee shop may post a link to its new menu recently posted on its website
  • A second hand bookstore lets customers know that all month they are having special discounts on certain kinds of books
  • A realtor posts real estate tips for home buyers and sellers along with her business information
  • A farmer posts dates that customers can pick their own fruits and vegetables at his farm as well as the different types of items that are currently in season

The first step to marketing your business on Twitter is to create a complete profile so that people know who you are as well as a little bit about your business. You certainly don’t want to leave an impression you’re a suspect so people need to use background check services on you. Then, begin to “follow” people who have businesses like yours or are interested in things that interest you. For example, if you own a business that makes organic dog treats, you might want to follow pet stores, dog training clubs, and dog owners.

When you post, you might share important information about your product such as the fact that you use only organic ingredients and the fact that your dog biscuits are handmade. You can also post links to your latest posts on your business blog or link to pictures taken of dogs enjoying your dog biscuits.

If people find your posts to be helpful, they will follow you back. Creating a “following” helps to increase your business and networking opportunities too. This is why many people obsess over the number of followers they have. Although it is tempting to get caught up in the numbers game, remember that your goal is simply to promote your business, not to work on getting a large number of followers!

Is Twitter right for your business? The answer is probably a definite yes.

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