Major reasons to use flash video player to add video to your website

Embedding online videos on websites is the trend with a distinct advantage of significantly increasing the time visitors stay on websites.

Embedding video clips on your website can hold customers attention and boost traffic for blogs and portals. Video files make a site enticing but also bandwidth hungry, and are often slow to load.

If you embed MOV, WMV, AVI or MPG movie clips on your website, visitors must wait for the full video file be fully downloaded before they can view anything, provided they must also have the corresponding player plug-in installed already. People are usually impatient online, and a potential customer may not like the idea of waiting to watch a video on your website.

Using Flash video format (FLV) for websites can solve this problem. Flash FLV does video streaming automatically. FLV formatted video can quickly deliver over the Internet and play inside a flash video player immediately as it is getting downloaded.

Here are some major reasons to use FLV for your website.

  1. Easy to use: Flash videos play smoothly online, thanks to the compression technique and video streaming in use. The FLV (Flash video) is popular because it downloads much faster in comparison to traditional video formats and can be played on most computers without install any additional plugins as Adobe Flash Player is already commonly installed with browsers on most PC, Mac, and even iPhone.

  2. Quick video compression speed: Nothing beats the FLV, if you need to compress your videos without compromising on the quality. Flash videos utilize VP6 and On2 for compression, and this makes the size of the videos much smaller and easy to load. Since the hi-tech compression techniques leave the video quality unaffected, FLV has become one of the most sought after application for both businesses and individual users.

  3. Superior audio quality: Videos are not effective they are not complemented by good audio quality. FLV Flash video player ensures that the quality of audio is also good and the potential customers can hear the dialogues or the catchy jingle in the video. Flash videos offer stereophonic sound, which often is as good and clear as the sound you get on playing a compact disc.

  4. Ease of editing: If you are using different formats for your video files or are in the field of creating various games or animation characters, use Flash Video Player to easily convert these files into Flash videos with the help of Adobe Flash video encoder. You can also fine tune your video by chopping off its length, doing some edits where you feel necessary or bringing in some additional audio visuals.

  5. Maintains aesthetic appeal: Website owners often hesitate to use videos as they fear that these web tools may not fit in well with the look of their existing site. FLVs ensure that the aesthetic appeal of the website is maintained. Flash videos offer you a wide variety of Flash player skins to choose from that match the overall outlook of your site. So to ensure your video player can integrate seamlessly with your overall website design layout. Many flash video player skins also comes with features such as playlist and scrollable thumbnail.

These are the few of the many benefits of using Flash video format (flv) for website video. Popular video websites such as Youtube and Google video are all using FLV as their video standard. These advantages have made FLV becoming the de facto standard for embedding videos on websites.

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