Making Money on your Online Video

Online Video Advertising – How to Monetize It

As an online video or game publisher you can take advantage of a strong video advertising network to help you monetize your site. Unsold advertising slots mean lost money so you want to be sure that you have a source to turn to for online video advertising to fill your slots and keep the money coming in. You also want to make sure that you turn to a source of online advertising that will match up video ads to your content and your viewers so your branding is kept intact and your viewers are enriched and not offended.

A good video advertising network will have a steady supply of online video advertising that they can deliver to your site on demand so that you are never losing money on empty ad slots. If you are like most video or game publishers most if not all of your revenue comes from advertising. If you are not currently using pre-roll and overlay video advertising, you are missing what could be a huge source of income. With a great video advertising network you should be able to select the length of the ad that your viewers will see before viewing your content or playing your games.

Creative video advertising helps both advertisers and publishers make money, so everyone wins. With a strong video advertising network, publishers should never have empty ad slots and advertisers should always have new prospects viewing their ads. These ads are usually of high-quality and add to your viewers’ experience on your site, especially since the video advertising will be specifically targeted to your audience. Your site has terrific content and a lot of viewers so you want to make sure that everyone is happy and that your site is making money at the same time.

In conclusion, the best way to monetize your online video advertising is to keep all of your advertising slots at capacity. A good network may be the answer if you are having trouble selling all of your open ad slots on your own, because after all, not all potential advertisers will visit your site to sign up as advertising partners. The right video advertising network will give you the flexibility to choose the types of ads that are compatible with your viewers and your branding. It is a win-win scenario when you can provide your viewers with top-quality content and still make a good income through your online video advertising placements.

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