How to Use YouTube for Your Small Business

If you’re looking to expand your small business through social media marketing, don’t overlook YouTube as a valuable tool to connect with consumers and promote your brand. Sure, you have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, but why stop there? Create a YouTube account for your business, and you will diversify your marketing options even more. People don’t just want to read content on the Internet, they want to watch it. If you use YouTube effectively, you will find it’s a great way to engage and attract customers, as well as market your products or services to the masses. Here are some tips to utilize your YouTube account to the fullest, as well as ideas for videos you can post and share.

Create Your Account

This first thing to do is create your account and fill out your profile. Select a username that is very relevant, and use your exact business name or as close to it as possible. Fill in your relevant information, including location, and an accurate, compelling and short description of your business.

Tagging Videos

When you post a video, make sure you tag it with as many relevant keywords as possible. This will make it easier for people to find your videos when they are searching for something related or similar.

Create Quality Videos

It is worth it to hire someone who knows how to shoot, edit and post videos so that they look top notch. The quality of your videos will reflect the way people view your business. If your videos are shoddily made and edited, it will make your company seem less credible or successful. It is very worth it to take the extra time and effort to produce videos of the highest quality you can afford.


Make sure you use your account to interact with customers and potential customers. If you subscribe to people, chances are they will subscribe to you, too. Comment on videos that are related to your business. And most importantly, respond to the comments viewers leave on your videos. You want to engage them and show that your business cares enough to take an active role with their viewers.


Make sure that people know you have a YouTube account by cross-promoting it on your website, other social networking pages, and other advertising materials. Tell people you’d like them to “watch us on YouTube”. Advertise your YouTube page wherever possible, and you will gain more subscribers.

Post Videos

The most important aspect of your YouTube account is clearly the content. There are tons of videos you can post. Here are some ideas:

● Business presentations. These can benefit people doing research on a topic, looking for information about your business, and show off your expertise.

● Customer testimonials and product reviews – positive, of course!

● Show a video of someone using your product, or your service being performed.

● Create videos to introduce your staff members to make your business more personable

● Videos can be customer service oriented, such as helping your customers solve a common problem or addressing a concern

● Give a tour of your business headquarters or your store

● Create a video that advertises your product or service and explains all the features

There are tons of video ideas, so be creative. You can post a lot. When you’re posting videos, remember to include your company info, such as your website or phone number and business name, on every video. If a video is shared or embedded somewhere, you want the viewer to know who you are, too, without having to trek back to your account homepage to find out. With entertaining and informative videos, you will have lots of subscribers and “likes” in no time.

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