Web Presence StartDup includes Tools & Advice for Entrepreneurs

Stumbled across this web presence startup while poking around IndieGogo. The StartdUp concept is sorely needed to help small businesses get rolling and build a foundation for web success. I’m convinced that the right approach on this concept could become an incredible asset for startups if handled properly. I’ve just begun looking more thoroughly at the site and offerings and so far it looks promising.

One drawback to offerings like this is that they often focus on one aspect of an online presence. Their focus will be solely on hosting, or entirely on domain names – when startups need those and dozens more elements to make up a successful launch online.

Several services have come and gone that offered a templated web site builder which locks a user into their preferred services, hosts, registrars and only provided options for dozens of support services from a single marketing company or a single development team. This means that if your needs step outside those provided, there is no alternative to incorporate outside tools or vendors.

Here’s hoping that StartDup doesn’t become restrictive when what startups often need is flexibility and wide choices with nearly inexhaustible options that vary as much as the business ideas being conceived and launched on the platform.

It’s easy to comprehend why limitations exist, but offering tools and services which don’t make affiliate income or offer perks for the platform owner would go a long way toward truly helping small business startups get rolling. Website101 encourages everyone to look into StartDup and provide feedback on how useful and flexible the offerings are for your startup enterprise.

Here’s the IndieGogo video for the campaign.

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