Small Business: Why You Should Consider a WebSite

There is an advancing necessity of an internet presence for every single company that wants to be taken seriously in the marketplace. In the very near future you can be certain that web technology and access will be as commonplace to businesses as a telephone, a copy machine or a fax. Computers are routinely employed in most businesses for many reasons already. The addition of an internet connection is the only thing that’s needed to allow instant access to a much wider market!

Even if you only want to attract business from your own neighborhood, a web site increases your exposure by giving potential customers the ability to find you online. That ability is MUCH more important to your success than an advertisement in a local newspaper, magazine or even a listing in the yellow pages! If a customer drives by your business on the way to work, they may see that beautiful expensive sign out front or the impressive window display of your products. If that same customer sees your memorable web address, at the top of your sign, or in your store window they are far more likely to take a look at your web site first, then come visit you in person.

Your next door neighbor will visit your website before they will walk 20 paces to come in your front door! People may be curious about your business, but sometimes too busy, too tired, too shy or maybe even just too darn lazy to walk in your front door! But they will sit comfortably at their computer in their pj’s, with uncombed hair and sip the morning coffee while they check out your business on the web. Why? Because it’s easy! Because they wonder what you do, they are curious about your background and want to know if you offer a service they can use! Because they saw your web address on your sign and it stuck in their mind. is just to hard to resist!

At Angel Land you offer psychic readings and reveal gaurdian angels to your clients. Your cards, crystals, incense, new age music and book selection is out of this world! Your neighbor loves this sort of thing but hubby doesn’t believe in “that airy fairy baloney!” So she will read your online channeling story about a psychic reading you did for a famous celebrity. She’ll love your aromatherapy article with all the links to similar web sites. She will dreamily read about your exotic travels to India where you met your guru. Now you have a paying customer who will walk in the front door and check out your store! Her curiousity has been increased by your intelligent use of the internet.

What’s the value of information?It doesn’t even matter that it’s raining! To an out-of-town visitor, an online map to your business may mean they will visit you before they search for your competitor in the rain, just because they know the way to your door! They can even print the map out before they come to town. They knew that they would need a massage after a very long day of hard work. They researched masseurs before they left the home office. Your competitor has a full page ad in the Yellow Pages but this customer won’t even look at the Yellow Pages because he has already made a reservation online with the secure form you provide. The appointment is for 6pm on this day and you have already billed his company credit card. The weather won’t keep this customer away!

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