Google’s Panda-Farmer Update Made Beautifully Simple

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As with E = MC2, beauty is most often found in the simplest of concepts. And the following two ideas are such concepts:

  1. The way to make more money online is to provide more Buy Buttons.
  2. The way to get more people to consider your Buy Buttons is to provide more ways for people to find them.

The second part is what Article Marketing is used to achieve, although all article marketers have similar but different ways of reaching that end.

Just as article marketing is only one tool in our marketing toolbox, (EZA) is just one tool in our article marketing toolboxes and EZA is certainly not the only or most important tool in our toolboxes. It is just one more tool.

Most of the conversations about EZA and article marketing in recent weeks have been started by people who proclaim that since EZA no longer has favored status in Google, the tool must be broken so they are going to throw away the tool.

Most professional article marketers are responding: The EZA tool is much more powerful than something that can be used to tweak your Google rankings. Since the tool is more valuable than just Google and traffic from EZA, why would you throw away the tool?

And I have taken the premise that if you think the EZA tool is broken, then those of you who quit it will make the tool more useful for those of us who see its value as something more than what you give it credit.


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