Polishing Your Web Content For Better Readability

If you write for your own website or blog, you need to make sure the content is perfect. This takes time and it takes the right strategy to help you polish your work. Just like translation services have to put final touches on writing they translate from one language to another, you need to do this with every bit of copy you create.

Your reputation is stake and whether you are writing about legal translations or another subject, you need to carefully review every last word.

There are some specific keys you want to look for when you are putting the final touches on your text. This will help you gain a solid reputation, and you will never need to worry about whether your piece is considered high quality or not.

Five Keys for Polishing your Content

1. Typos

Spell check and grammar check doesn’t catch all the mistakes. It’s important to comb through and find all the typing mistakes you can. Sometimes you need to read your article two or three times to catch all the mistakes. If you don’t find the typos, your visitors will, and they might lose a little respect for you.

2. Delete Unnecessary Content

You may be writing with a specific word count in mind, and sometimes this causes quite a bit of unnecessary fluff to end up in your blog posts. Take the time to go through and get rid of any element that doesn’t add value to the piece, and you will find that it flows better for the reader.

3. Clean up Punctuation

Comma, semi-colons, colons and other types of punctuation can cause issues with the flow of the piece, when not used correctly. Make sure you look at the different punctuation you use before you publish the piece on your blog or website. This can help your content to read better for those visiting your site.

4. Check Keyword Usage

If you are writing about a specific keyword phrase, you want to check and make sure you didn’t stuff that phrase into the article. If you check the density and it is higher than 3%, you need to eliminate the phrase a few times. By stuffing the keyword phrases, it will make it hard to read.

5. Make sure Your Paragraphs are Short

Long paragraphs can be hard to read, especially online. Even though we were all taught that each paragraph should complete an idea or a point, this is not always true online. Short and easy-to-read paragraphs will attract more readers because the content will look like an easy read.

Use these five points to help you polish your content before you publish it. If you go through your work at least twice after writing it, you will find it reads better. You’ll catch more errors. This will help you gain a great reputation and some authority in your industry.

This guest post written by Shane who writes on all things from legal translations services to content creation.

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