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We have a strict privacy policy: Your information isn't provided to anyone, period!
When you fill out the contact form, the information you provide is used only to respond to your request and is then discarded. No further use is made of that information unless you request follow-up information from us or until you apply for Membership at WebSite101 Filling out the form does not enter you into our database

If you become a  Member of WebSite101, we store information about you only to be able to provide you any information requested from us, such as occassional site updates, or to contact you regarding updates to our privacy policy or send you password reminders to be able to access the WebSite101
WebSite101 also offers links to sites offering products and services for which we receive affiliate commissions that may require the use of cookies from their site to identify you as coming from our site to purchase those products or services. We are careful to choose only quality programs, products and services, but cannot guarantee that those companies will respect your privacy. Please always read those third party site privacy policies before giving them your personal information.

Many web sites work with third-party advertisers that attempt to serve cookies to your hard drive.

WebSite101 provides many links to outside, third-party web sites that don't share our distaste for tracking. Once you leave WebSite101 to visit any link, please be aware that most web sites serve cookies and most do not hesitate to gather and store information about you and your surfing habits in this way. We will not monitor any of the sites outside of our domain. Please be aware that we take no responsibility for the privacy practices of sites linked to from our pages. We provide outgoing links only to demonstrate relevant information discussed in this tutorial and to offer visitors the opportunity to refer our site to others.

No third party is ever given access to our database for any reason. You will be given a user name and password to be able to access and change or delete your information at any time. If you have any questions regarding the way we treat your personally identifiable information please email us at the following address: and we will answer your concerns or remove your information immediately.


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