The Four Golden Rules Of Advertising Online

Advertising online doesn’t have to be complicated, or even worse, intimidating. If you do your homework and use a little common sense, you can see substantial profits from almost any well-managed advertising campaign.

The most important thing for you to understand is that you absolutely must get a return on your investment. To help you achieve this goal, I have created a list of four golden rules that have served my business well over the years.


Be In It For The Long Term

Before you begin your campaign you must decide if you are trying to make money on the front end or on the back end. Many marketers try to grab as much profit up front as possible, without considering the lucrative back end sales.

Your goal in almost any advertising campaign should not be to make a sale right off the bat. You need to build trust with your prospects before they will buy from you. Once they do decide to buy (and if you treat them well), you will have a lucrative lifetime customer on your hands.

Therefore, in any advertising campaign, I strongly suggest you focus on collecting your prospects email or physical mailing addresses which will allow you to not only build up trust but to market to them over and over again (which means more profits for you).

Start Out Slowly

With any advertising campaign, you will want to start out slowly. There are way too many variables that must be tested before you should invest heavily in any campaign.

Remember, test, test and test some more. When you find a profitable campaign, then it is time to roll your advertising out more extensively.

Know Your Target Market

I see new marketers making the same big mistake over and over again – not knowing their intended target market. How can you create a successful marketing campaign if you don’t know what demographic you are trying to target? You may have a wonderful product or service, but unless it is the fountain of youth in a bottle, not everyone will be interested in it.

Focus on your target market or you are simply throwing away your money.

Reinvest Your Profits

This seems like a no brainer, but many new marketers just never grasp this concept. In order for it to grow, you must continue to invest a percentage of your profits back into your business. The more you can invest the better.

By keeping these four rules in mind, you can build a strong foundation for any form of advertising you do online. Remember, roll things out slowly and know what your target market is, but always use common sense!

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