Finding Available Keyword Rich Domain Names Easily

Here is some great advice for the budding domainer looking for keyword rich domain names to drive traffic to your niche products or content sites.

  1. Go to Google Keywords tool at this link and research your keywords, when it returns results, click the link at the top of the “Average Search Volume” column, paste the resulting list into a spreadsheet, then select the row of keywords (still sorted by search volume), select and copy that column of keywords to your clipboard
  2. Check only the .com box to get the best domains
  3. The list returns those names still available if there are any
  4. Reserve the ones you want and point them at your target niche pages to gain the extra “type-in” traffic.

Get a Business Domain Name

If you prefer video instructions or missed something there, here’s an 8 minute video that walks you through the process. Very well done:

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