How the Internet Works: Infographic

how the internet works infographic

Key Concepts of Resolving Domain Names to IP Addresses

Engineering the Internet, How the Internet Works

Internet Population:

  • In 2001 there were 361 Million Users
  • 2004 there were 757 Million Users
  • 2008 there were 1.46 Billion Users
  • 2012 there were 2.3 Billion Users

And Now, People can do practically anything online.

Here’s percentages of time spent at different types of sites online:

  • Social Networks (13.5%)
  • A Online Games (5.88%)
  • E-mail (4.56%)
  • Portals (2.7%)
  • Videos/Movies (2.64%)
  • Search (2.4%)
  • Instant Messaging (1.98%)
  • Software Manufacturers (1.92%)
  • Classifieds/Auctions (1.74%)
  • 11 Current Events/News (1.56%)
  • Other — Research, Content, Shopping, etc. (21.06%)


“Internet” comes from — Interconnected Networks.

But Chances are, You don’t even know how the internet works. Don’t worry, It’s quite easy to understand. The internet is just a bunch of computers spread throughout the world that are connected to each other and swap information.

Like this: Your laptop and modem, your internet service provider, the internet, website’s service provider, webserver.

Servers are machines that provide services to other machines and clients (that’s you – or your machine) who use these services.

Internet Protocol Suite

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GRAMMAR FOR COMPUTERS Computers communicate via telephone wires and satellite links using a common language or Protocol Suite. The Internet Protocol Suite is commonly known as TCP/IP. These protocols establish the rules for how information passes through the Internet. Every device on the internet has its own unique address, called an IP Address – Internet Protocol Address. Domain Name Systems (DNS) change user-friendly domain names into IP addresses in order to identify each other.

PACKET SWITCHING Information going from one device to another is broken up into “packets” of information. Packets are parts of a file that range between 1,000 and 1,500 bytes.
From your laptop to a bunch of connected computers, to a web server to cat pictures, questionable movies and – now go get yourself some internet!

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