Domain Redemption: How Much Do You Need to Pay?

At times, people may simply forget to renew their domain names on time. It is possible that the owner simply neglected the importance of renewing the domain name. Whatever the case, several thousands of domain names go expire and become orphans almost every day. Before your domain becomes expired, you should renew it before the expiry date. Though registrars allow you a time of 45 days for redemption, you just cannot sit quiet. Make sure that you renew your domain well within time.

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However, if something goes wrong, you can always utilize a utility called the domain redemption for a fixed fee. Redemption fees are always very high when compared to your original registration charges. Thousands of domains enter redemption phase every day. The agreement with your registrar says that they send at least two notices as reminders before your domain expires. If you check that your registrar failed to contact about the expiration of domain, you can always contact the registrar and complain about the matter. If your complaint is real and genuine, then the registrar may allow you to have the freedom of redemption.

However, you may still need to pay a penalty for late renewal. ICAAN recommends a fee of $80 for redemption. On the other hand, the registrar may also suggest a 45-day auto renewal grace period for the owner of the web domain. Some registrars may even chare as high an amount as $160 as redemption fees. In some cases, the highest ever fees of $200 has been paid some owners. The upper limit could be very high depending on the registrars. Make sure that you are keeping an eye on your investment. Keep a record of domain renewal dates and never ever, fail to renew on time. Otherwise, you will come under the mercy of your registrar.

Registrars know and understand how you value your domain and this could be reason for them to charge a hefty fee in the form redemption fees. If you visit ICAAN web site you can read about redemption facilities for those web domain owners are likely to lose their domains. Just visit the following section to read more about redemption:

“Life Cycle of a typical gTLD”

Here, you can read more about the cycle or process though which your domain traverses and how you can get your domain back just in time. Several arrows in that page point to several stage of domain. One of these arrows has an assigned title called “Auto-Renew Grace Period. It also has a sub heading denoting the time allowed as grace, which is usually in the range of 0 and 45 days. Here is where it gets interesting. Your registrar may choose to assign a time of his or her own choice which could be anywhere between zero and forty five days. In other words, the redemption period is totally under your registrar’ control.

Hence, you should be careful enough not to lose control of your domain so that you avoid paying hefty fee towards redemption. Make sure that you read registrar’s documentation to know how much time they take to renew your domain especially during the redemption period.

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