What type of domain should I get for my website?

Certified Domain

One type of domain is the certified domain. The certified domain adds instant credibility to a website, and this is a positive thing for a new site. Websites are always being added to the Internet, and people do not always know which of these websites are trustworthy. Some people introduce websites with the purpose of being in business for a short period of time. These are not necessarily scams, but people like to purchase products from websites they believe will be in existence in the future in the event that they have an issue with the product and need to contact someone from the company about it.

In order to assure customers that the website owner is in business for the long-term, a certified domain is needed. When a domain is certified, the website owner???s information has been verified. The information that the website owner gave to the company where the domain was purchased such as name, address and phone number is now known to be the truth, and the website owners??? names then appear in the WHOIS display page, the place where consumers can look up website owner contact information. After the domain has been certified, website owners are entitled to place the certified seal on their websites??? home pages.

Domain Aliases

Website owners purchase a domain name that takes the people who type it into their browsers to their home pages. These same website owners purchase a second domain with the purpose of sending their customers to the same home page. This second domain name is known as a domain alias. An added bonus is that purchasing domain aliases has the effect of making a website look more relevant in Google’s eyes.

The other reason to purchase domain aliases is to capture several niche markets. Each domain name can be made of a keyword that describes a different product that the website has to sell. This brings targeted customers to the website with each consumer having the ability to type in the different products they are looking for into their browsers and then coming to the same website.

What Is the Best Choice of Domain Name?

The best choice for a domain name is the keyword or keyword phrase that describes what the website has to offer. If the website is selling computers, then the best choice is www.computers.com. As this will, undoubtedly, be a highly expensive domain name to purchase, it will be more likely that a new website owner can find a domain by looking for a niche phrase. For example, the company may sell computer accessories such as computer desks. The website owner can search to see if the domain name www.computerdesks.com has been taken. As this is a longer name, it has more of a chance of being available, and the website owner can then purchase it.

Where to Purchase Domain Names

Domain names can be purchased from the same companies where people have their web hosting. With web hosting, a website can be presented to the Internet on the company???s web server, which is the public entity where the website???s pages have been saved. Once these pages exist on the web server, customers are free to enter in keywords and be taken to the website.

A certified domain name will put the customers at ease, because they will know that the website has been verified by a third party. Several alias domains will let the website owner target different keywords and keyword phrases. Domain names that have the keyword phrase in them will be seen as more relevant by the search engines. Keep these three things in mind when choosing a domain name and the perfect name for a website will be close at hand.

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