How to Make Items Sell Better in an Online Shop

If you are selling some kind of physical product online then you’re going to need an online shop. If you have a great design, some marketing, and a manufacturing process, then setting up an online shop is an easy way to introduce your concept to paying customers, handle transactions and turn over a satisfying profit.

However just having an online shop is of course not enough, and you also need to make sure that the items on there sell as well as they possibly can. The good news is that there are many different little tricks you can use here to encourage these sales, and many of these will work on an unconscious psychological level for your visitors and customers. Here we will look at how to make the most from your online store.

Use Contrast

Of course using color contrasts is a great way to draw the eye in an online shop and the perfect way to ensure that your buyers see the things you want them to – in other words the items that you are trying your hardest to push and sell well.

At the same time though there is another type of contrast that is highly useful in the retail world, and that’s the contrast between products and between prices. Here it is highly advantageous to place two products next to each other that have vastly different qualities, as the contrast can exaggerate the appearance of those qualities.

For instance if you have a very cheap item, then you should put this next to another much more expensive item. This way when someone visits your store, the cheap item will look incredibly cheap and they will be able to buy it without feeling too guilty – just look at the amount they could have saved.

Hide the Treasure

When you go to a real shop you’ll probably be annoyed by the way that they constantly change the layout and move the bread. There’s method to this madness though, as it forces you to look around the store more and to perhaps pick up items you normally wouldn’t notice. The same thing can work just as well with an online shop if you know what your visitors are on the site to look for – just move that product somewhere that’s harder to find on the site and force them to look at other things on the way there. Just don’t overdo it or you can lose business.

Use Time Limits

Often a purchase is an emotional and nonsensical impulse that is based on very little thought. That is why we often buy things then feel guilty afterwards. However if you go away from the shop for a bit and then come back, often you will realize you never needed the item and save yourself some money. That’s what you don’t want to happen when you run an online shop, so to make sure it doesn’t, try and introduce some kind of time limit that will urge people to act quickly. That means putting a message up that says “buy now before stock runs out” or perhaps including some kind of limited deal that means they can get money off if they’re fast.

The article is contributed by Sara Brown who runs a small online store. Through this article, She tries to explain readers on how to make a successful online shop. She also writes for Berkeley Sourcing Group, world’s best plastic injection molding companies.

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