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"I have Learned More about Email from
these 2 Books in
Two Hours, than I have
Two Years of Trial and Error"

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Email for Newbies

– The Gobbledygook Explained –
by Tom Glander & Joe Robson
of The Newbie Club™

"How can you learn to
use Email like a veteran?"

 … without embarking on a massive and boring learning curve? And 

"How can you learn the abundance of 
time-saving benefits of email software?"

… instead of just ‘getting by’ with the basics, after discovering that the so called ‘help files’ and email tutorials you’ve looked at are filled with disjointed, blind alley instructions, and frustrating techie-speak? But even more importantly …

"How do you find out
WHAT there is to learn?"

Simple, just …

"Pick the brains of two of the
Internet’s Top tutorial writers"

Hi, this is Joe Robson and Tom Glander – founders of the Newbie Club™ And yes, we’re blowing our own trumpet.

People access the Internet for a number of reasons. Some want to build a personal or family Website, and others need to start a business. But all of them go online to communicate with friends, family or businesses using the extraordinary and cheap medium of email. Yet after months, or even years, they’re still just ‘making do’ with the basics they managed to pick up in their early days. 

Even worse is that …

"Millions of Internet beginners never
even manage to grasp the essential basics" 

because no one has shown them how – until now!

So that’s why we decided to create this mind-opening and revealing publication – to debunk the mysteries and frustrations of using email easily and effectively. And to explain it all in ‘Newbie-Speak’. 

And, in all modesty, we believe there is no-one better suited or more experienced than us to create such a publication. We have already produced TONS of widely praised tutorials that have helped Hundreds of Thousands of Newbies and not-so-Newbies in just about every corner of the globe.

These include ebooks, CD’s, Videos, Autoresponder courses, Websites, newsletters and other innovative teaching materials. Materials which have contributed to the incredible success of our groundbreaking and universally respected Newbie Club.

‘Email for Newbies’ contains 2 Volumes,
and 16 Chapters of Newbie-Speak Tutorials
– all combined into one easy to navigate ebook … 

Volume 1
"Translating the Techie Stuff"
by Tom Glander

There’s no doubt about it – Tom is ‘the man’ when it comes to writing computer tutorials. Our Newbie Club&153; slogan is ‘Hey, I’m a Newbie, not a Dummy – Just show me HOW!" And that’s exactly what Tom does in this fun to read book. Its eleven chapters are bulging with picture driven, step-by-step, ‘Newbie-Speak’ tutorials on everything you’ll ever need to know about email. Things like …

Chapter 1 Why you, and millions of others, need ‘Email for Newbies’.

Chapter 2 All about Email Addresses. If you thought it was plain sailing this will change your thinking. What’s a screen name? If I’m getting a new email address, do I append to my old one? It’s easy of course – when you know how!

Chapter 3  Web Based and Client Based Email. How do you read your email if you’re away from your computer? What’s an email account and how do I set one up? Client-based email – excuse me? Don’t worry, it’s only techie-speak designed to confuse ordinary mortals.

Chapter 4  Pop 3, SMTP, Account names, Protocols, Servers and other gobbledygook that sends Newbies into orbit! But it’s essential knowledge that you most definitely need. And once it’s translated, your new knowledge will totally transform your use of email.

Chapter 5  Email Netiquette. Yep, yet another piece of jargon you’ve probably heard about. It’s all about good manners, and steps you need take to avoid needlessly upsetting the people you write to. And what’s an email stripper? – no it’s not an Internet Lap Dancer!

Chapter 6  SPAM and how to deal with it.  How can you spot it before you open it? The magical sure-fire Spam killer. Can it ever be stopped?

Chapter 7  More SPAM, and the tricks the Spammers get up to. Spam reduction techniques you can implement. Forewarned is forearmed as they say!

Chapter 8  Using Bulk email. You don’t need to be a big time operator to use it. But is it really the solution to making a $million? 

Chapter 9  Email Headers. What? No this isn’t a soccer lesson, but it will open your eyes to what you can find out about someone who sent you an email. Lt. Kojak didn’t know this technique!

Chapter 10  Sending attachments. Want to send a wedding photo to your relatives? This simple technique continues to be a mystery to many – yet it’s so easy. But be extra careful, otherwise you could cause mayhem!

Chapter 11 Virus protection. So you think you’re safe from those sickies who flood the Internet with viruses – hell bent on crashing your PC? Reading this is absolutely essential. And you’ll learn how to protect yourself for free!

Volume 2
"How To Write Emails
Professionally and Courteously"
by Joe Robson

Think that writing emails in a professional manner only applies to business emails? Then think again, because this volume will shock you by revealing how others judge you by the way you write your emails. And – wait for it – why some of the emails you send may never even get read!

Joe is regarded by ‘those who know’ as one of the Top Copywriters on the Web today. His Copywriting Solutions Website is one of the most respected Web writing tutorial sites around, and his best selling ebook ‘Make Your Words Sell’ has helped reshape the Web writing skills of thousands of Internet business owners all over the world. So who better to show you the simple, yet essential, ‘rules’ to follow, before you hit that ‘send’ button again?  Here’s a sampling …

Chapter 1  Why so many emails suck! And why many of them are never replied to – or even opened. This could shock you!

Chapter 2  Does your email look like Spam? You sure? You may have second thoughts when you read this. Don’t take any chances! Dress your emails professionally and you’ll have more chances of getting the response you need.

Chapter 3  The Salutation, intro, text that’s impossible to read, line breaks, signature … Is there really so much to writing professional emails? It sounds a lot, but it’s not difficult at all.

Chapter 4  More about sending attachments. Check before you click, retaining your credibility.

Chapter 5 If you see RED! Here’s the best and most effective way to deal with someone who upsets you. Do it wrong and you’ll have a battle on your hands!

So there you have it. Probably the most user-friendly and easiest to follow email tutorials ever written. The 2 Volumes and Sixteen Chapters of ‘Newbie-Speak’ Tutorials will have you handling email like a veteran in no time at all. And yet …

Remarkably it costs only
$14.95 U.S. for BOTH Volumes!

"You simply must read ‘Email for Newbies’ before
you even think about sending another email"

And if you’re not absolutely delighted, just ask for a total refund and you’ll have it immediately. Not within 14 days, or 30 days, or even 3 months. You can ask for a full refund for up to 1 YEAR – no questions asked!

Look, stop fumbling with your email messages right now. Life’s just too short to put up with unnecessary mind destroying frustrations. So start handling your emails like a Pro – right now!

It’s not difficult to do, you just need to be shown how – by using the friendly and fun Newbie Club?? Learning System. The system that’s made Newbie Club&153; tutorials famous all around the world.

"Email for Newbies is
totally Newbie-Friendly"

… and completely free from Techie-speak and gobbledygook. There are no confusing blind alleys, and not a single jot of bewildering jargon. There’s an abundance of screen captures (pictures) and all 16 chapters are written in a way that will make learning a FUN and ENJOYABLE experience – for you, your family, and your business! 

Hey, even if you’ve never downloaded before, we show you how to do it! And if you don’t like it – just ask for a refund! Besides, at only $14.95 it’s not exactly going to break the bank! So click here NOW to order through our Totally Secure Server and in no time at all you’ll be wondering how on earth you managed without it.

And just in case you’ve never ordered on-line before, ordering through our Secure Server ensures that your personal details are encrypted, making it impossible to be accessed by any third party.

Best wishes,

PS. Remember what Clarence wrote at the top of this page? …
"I have Learned More about Email from these 2 Books in Two Hours, than I have in Two Years of Trial and Error"

And he’s a business owner! But the advantage you have over Clarence, is that you don’t have to fumble around in the dark for the next 2 years – unless you’re a masochist 🙂  All you need to do is …

Click here to Order NOW
– It’s only $14.95! U.S.

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