Goal Setting, Define Short Term Goals for Internet Home Businesses

Internet Home Businesses need to know the difference between long and short-term goals, and the impact on their business and profits. The first thing we need to do is determine the definition of long term and short term, without a definition, or a way of separating the two; we are really spinning our wheels.

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Short Term Goals

Let’s work on this one first. Before we do, we need to take a look at the difference between goals and Priorities. We could spend days and days on this and not really accomplish much, so we won’t do that, what we will do is work on a definition that will help us, not hinder us.

Goals, for this discussion, are going to be where we direct our efforts. Example, my goal this week is to write 5 articles by the end of the week. In order to achieve my goal, I am going to have to direct, or spend, invest some time, in order to achieve that goal. Goals, by their very nature, will take time, effort and resources to be completed; they do not just happen on their own.

Priorities, for this discussion, are going to be the effort, time and resources, to accomplish our goals. Example, this week, my goal is to write 5 articles, by the end of the week. My Priorities will be to set aside, and spend enough time and exert enough effort, to achieve my goal of writing 5 articles this week.

Yes, before you ask, goals, by themselves can also be Priorities. How I separate the two is this way, goals are the direction, and Priorities are the ways and means, the production side of goals. Another way to separate them in your mind is this way, most times, goals are multi faceted, they are not a one shot activity, and they usually require multiple skill sets and a number of different actions to be completed. After dealing with thousands of owners of Internet Home Businesses, I know that being able to set Priorities is a crucial skill you will need to know and master.

Does it matter if we know the difference, or does it matter if there is no difference at all? I think it does. It matters because setting the goal, and getting the goal done are two different steps. The process of setting the goal, allows you to think about what you want to do, before you have to actually do it. This is where your Power Living Life List PLLL, comes in, I find that you need a way of getting everything you want to do, or think you want to do, in one place, your PLLL fulfills this function perfectly. Once you have everything you want to do in one place, the next step is to prioritize this pile of wishes and wants and to start to Prioritize them, a separate step altogether

This step, of Prioritizing things, starts to force all of us to look at things in a more realistic framework. We have to first, compare two separate items, let’s use I want to learn how to fly, and I want to put a second bathroom in the house for starters. These are both in your PLLL and they are both “first timers”, meaning you have just pulled them out of your PLLL and are giving them some “air”. That means you are looking at the feasibility and the likelihood of either one, seeing the light of day, actually being done.

This is the first step in turning wishes into goals. I am not going into more detail on this point here, I just wanted to touch on the process and to show you why goals and priorities are different, and we should care that there is a difference because, knowing that difference will make us happier and more successful Internet Home Businesses owners and operators.

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