Short Term Insurance

If you aren’t currently covered by a traditional health insurance plan, short term health insurance can be a great way to protect yourself. With valuable coverage available for unexpected illness or injury, these plans are designed to meet anyone’s needs.

Short term insurance is intended for those who don’t currently have access to a major insurance plan. New employees waiting for coverage from their employer, unemployed or temporary workers, and recent graduates are all good candidates for short term insurance. Instead of waiting uninsured for a traditional plan to take effect, these types of plans can be helpful while you wait.

With flexible payment options and choice of deductive and co-insurance options, these plans work well with many types of financial situations. Plans can be purchased for 30 days up to 360 days (varies by state). Payments can be made monthly, or you can save 20% by making a one-time payment for the entire amount.

It’s never a good idea to be uninsured, especially in today’s economy. The debt that can grow when you have to pay out of pocket for medical bills can be a great hardship to your family. In case of emergency, with short term insurance, you can rest assured that you will be protected.

This insurance has two different options available. The most coverage is offered with the Short Term Medical Plan, which includes emergency doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription drug benefits. The Healthsaver Limited-Benefit plan is similar, but also requires additional fees for emergency room visits, inpatient hospital stays and surgeries. Having a plan that is limited like this is still better than not having any insurance at all.

Temporary health insurance gives you the freedom to choose your own doctors and hospital. These plans cover your emergency care once the coinsurance, applicable fees and deductible have been met.

When you are unemployed, there is nothing more stressful than not having health insurance. Staying up late worrying about what could happen to your family if someone becomes sick or injured is not healthy.

Relax and rest easy when you know that with a short term medical insurance plan, you will be protected.

It’s important to protect yourself and your family when you don’t have access to a traditional health insurance plan. A short term insurance plan is the best way to make sure that you will be covered and protected from future debt in case of a medical emergency.

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