Working at Home and Working From Home, Is There a Difference?

Yes. And the difference can and will make a difference in how you approach each one.

Let’s first have a general understanding of the concept of working from home and at home. Depending upon your personal circumstances, you will have certain conditions that your are trying to meet when you pick an opportunity, a job or a business that can be operated from your home versus leaving your home and performing any of the three I have mentioned outside of your home. What most of us want to do is replace the standard 9 to 5 grind with the same thing, but do it from our homes.

Work at Home

The simplest way to describe this would be to say; whatever we do to earn some extra revenue, we do it from home. I add another layer to this concept; if it’s a working from home opportunity, it was meant specifically for people who want to work from home and the opportunity has to be set up to suit these people, to suit you. As you can see, there are hundreds of opportunities that you can take advantage of to make some extra income from home. A good percentage of them have been set up for people who want or need to work from a home base, that is a criteria that has to be met to make these people participate.

Working from home allows a great deal of freedom and flexibility, it also places the burden on the individual to create a work-like atmosphere at home and to treat whatever they are doing with the same intensity that they would bring to the standard work-out-of-the home, 9 to 5 job or business.

Work from Home

The difference here is that you are choosing to do the work from home and the opportunity was not necessarily set up specifically for someone who needs to work from home. This may be a subtle difference, but it’s one you should be aware of. I find that, on average, the opportunities that are specifically designed to “capture” the work-at-home crowd can be the least attractive opportunities. This is only a relative comparison and we all know what the best opportunities for you end up being the ones that suite you the best and get you the best results, regardless of the market they were intended to “capture”.

As you continue you hunt for a work from home or work at home opportunity, you need to be sure that whatever route you go, you investigate the opportunity thoroughly and do as much due diligence as you can. Also open yourself up to the other opportunities out there; perhaps you should at least look at the business opportunities that are out there, perhaps a dealership, a franchise, or a joint venture.

The one word of advice that I offer all of the people who deal with me and work with me on finding the best opportunity fro them is this; the key word in both opportunities is work, treat what ever you do as it was an outside job, that it is work and whatever opportunity you pick, apply yourself the same way you would to an outside position.

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