How to Use Unicode Text and Symbols in HTML

Using ascii text to render characters correctly within your browser

As you can see from the characters below, using Unicode is simple. Just substitute the Unicode sequence in the example for the corresponding character. Then use all of those sequences wherever you want to include letters numbers and symbols. This is required in some cases to display symbols like copyright and trademark which can’t be displayed in a web browser by typing the symbol on your keyboard.

@ @ E E M M U U c c k k s s??

. . F F N N V V d d l l t t

- G G O O W W e e m m?? u u

_ _ H H b P X X f f n n b v

A A?? I I Q Q Y Y g g o o w w

B B J J R R Z Z h h p p b x

C C K K S S a a i i q q b y

b D L L T T?? b b j j r r z z

There are many more characters in addition to the basics shown above. Reasons vary for using Unicode, but one reason is to hide an email address from Spam harvesting software while still allowing it to be visible on the page.<br> <br> One of these is to code your email addresses in something called Unicode. This is a “language” for encoding special characters on web pages. All modern browsers support Unicode as it’s primary intention is to allow languages all over the planet to be represented.

For example, the following email address:


will be shown in Unicode as:

The Trademark symbol??? is represented by &153; ?? is shown by using &copy; in your HTML code in place of the actual copyright symbol. The ampersand (&) is displayed by the symbols &amp; within HTML code.

Because < and > are used in HTML code, to be visible on the page you must instead type the &lt; and &gt; characters within HTML code. If you type the symbol directly into text they are read by browsers as HTML and will hide any text within themselves. Just for fun, try viewing the source code of this page to see how complex this can become to make visible!

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