How To Recruit Job Candidates Online Effectively

Quick Guide to Online Recruitment

Internet recruitment is the fastest growing and largest advertising sector on the internet and here are a few reasons why more and more recruiters and candidates are using the internet as a recruitment and job search method.

1.Cost Saving Internet recruitment can be far cheaper than traditional press advertising and in some cases by using modern technologies as a tool you can see savings of over 90% on interns, greatly reduceing your cost per hire.

2.Quick and Flexible. You can place your adverts on the internet at any time and by utilising multipost systems and various response research tools can make job postings reach your target audience at the optimum time.

3.Growing Audience More than half of the UK population now use the internet on a regular basis with potential of around 6 million of these users looking towards job boards and CV tools for their next Career move. No other medium can give that sort of exposure to potential job seekers.

4.Get the point across By advertising jobs on the internet you typically have more space compared to traditional media. This means more direct and detailed information can be posted about your clients vacancies and by including selection criteria makes the recruitment process more effective in short listing candidates.

5.Making it easy to respond Applicants can respond direct through a job board or via a web site and in some cases once registered with a CV data base your job posting can be RSS fed to passive and active jobseekers.

Quick Guide to Job Board Recruitment

with over 700 job sites (and growing daily) in the UK alone ranging from generalist job boards that cover all skill sectors and locations, to the niche sites that will produce fewer but more relevant response, and the growing trend of offline publication sites offering online job board content.

The latest boards on the block are called job search engines or job board aggregators these guys basically feed jobs from all the top generic, niche, and trade sites onto one searchable data base which is geared at saving the job seeker time and maximising their search quickly.

Choosing a job site to advertise on can be confusing and very time consuming and knowing which questions to ask, and what to look for can be crucial in making the right choices.

For an effective advertising campaign you need cover all the basics of internet recruiting, and ensure your recruitment advert is displayed on the leading job boards,so that it gives you the recruiter the ultimate opportunity to source the best candidates quickly and effectively.

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