Sency launches a French, German, Italian, and Spanish version

Real time search is one of the hottest trends on the web right now ??? as it offers users a new way to find information. If you want to hear what is being said right now about an event or person ??? real time engines can give you an instant window into the public???s thoughts.

Sency recently launched a real time search engine in 4 new languages ??? to better assist people in navigating the real time web. So, you can visit Spanish Sency , French Sency, Italian Sency and German Sency if you???d like to perform a real time search in another language.

As more and more updates get posted to social networking sites such as Twitter ??? there will be more real time content for search engines to publish. And, by making it easier for people to search in different languages ???Sency can continue to bring the real time web to more internet users in an easy and simple way.

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