Demonstrate Trust To Your Website Visitors At The Point Of Sale

We are always looking for ways to make our site look and react like a high level professional and trustworthy business. There are many tools on the web to help you do just that. When striving for sales on an ecommerce site … trust, safety and reliability are paramount. If you look put together, organized and professional, people are more likely to purchase on your site and also likely to return. Look at some of the ecommerce giants … Amazon comes to mind. When you go to their site you feel like you can find anything you want and trust in the company to keep your information secure and have a successful transaction. And even if your purchase turns out to be an error in judgement on your part, they make it right. That is the way you build trust and reliability. The press release below outlines a new partnership to help your endeavors along. Check them out and see if it might work for you. Good luck and happy selling.

Shopify and KikScore Announce Partnership to Help Online Small Businesses Increase Sales by Demonstrating Trust and Reliability

KikScore launches Confidence Badge Trust Seal application for Shopify’s 16,000 ecommerce merchants so those small businesses can demonstrate trust to website visitors at the point of sale and sell more.

Over 75% of all potential online purchases are abandoned, so online merchants are looking at every way that they can demonstrate to shoppers that their website is credible, reliable and trustworthy.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) September 20, 2011

KikScore announced today the release of the its Confidence Badge App in the Shopify App Store. KikScore enables online small business to demonstrate trust and reliability with a Confidence Badge that helps these small businesses increase shopping cart conversions and close more leads. Shopify is one of the Internet’s most elegant, simple and affordable online retail platforms aimed at providing businesses with easy to use ecommerce solutions. With this partnership, Shopify’s more than 16,000 store owners can now start displaying the KikScore Confidence Badge and trust seal to demonstrate their trustworthiness, reliability and track record of dependability to visitors of their website.

Lack of trust leads to small online businesses losing sales and having shopping carts abandoned by potential customers. The significant impact that a shopper’s lack of trust has on conversion rates for online store owners is eye opening:

  • More than 50% of internet users are reluctant to shop online due to security concerns;
  • 85% of consumers are worried about retailers not doing enough to combat online fraud and;
  • “Over 75% of all potential online purchases are abandoned, so online merchants are looking at every way that they can demonstrate to shoppers that their website is credible, reliable and trustworthy,” said Travis Valentine, CTO & Co-founder of KikScore.

KikScore’s patent-pending trust seal solution helps Shopify’s ecommerce merchants address the online trust problem. Online shoppers can get important information and data about a business and its financial history and track record by clicking on a KikScore Confidence Badge thereby providing business transparency to shoppers. The important information that is contained in a merchant’s KikScore Confidence Badge helps website visitors understand that an online store is credible and trustworthy. It is in this important way that the KikScore Confidence Badge app helps Shopify store owners cut shopping cart abandonment rates and boost sales.

When a Shopify store owner adds the KikScore Confidence Badge to their site they will get four tools that work together to demonstrate the trustworthiness and reliability of the store. Each merchant will get: 1) their own unique trust score for their business culled from online and offline data sources, merchant provided information and proprietary databases; 2) the actual Confidence Badge that prominently displays on the bottom right-hand side of each of the store’s webpages; 3) a dynamic merchant report card that provides information and data about a business; and 4) an interactive feedback platform where customers can post comments about their shopping experience.

“We have seen online stores just like Shopify merchant’s stores increase their conversion rates 20% when they added the KikScore Confidence Badge on their website. The transparency revolution that we are driving helps small businesses be more transparent to their website visitors, which in turn leads to more success and more sales,” said Valentine.

Shopify merchants can signup to use the KikScore Confidence Badge app by visiting the following link:

About KikScore
KikScore is a company that has built a patent-pending Confidence Badge and online trust score platform that enables small online businesses and non-profits to demonstrate trustworthiness through data and information. Since launching in 2010, KikScore has had over 1,500 small business customers around the world register to use the KikScore Confidence Badge. KikScore has offices in Denver and Washington, D.C.

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