How To Establish A Web Presence For Your Business

eCommerce is growing every day! Whether you sell furniture or SEO services, it is important for your company to establish a web presence. Here are a few ways that you can build yourself a strong web presence, and hopefully increase your business!

The 9 Rules

  1. Make a good website. These days, many people want to look at a stores website before they go there. For this reason, having a good website is a vital part of any business model. To do this, you can either use a website building program, make it yourself if you know how to write code, or hire a graphic designer/website builder.
  2. When you are buying a domain name, try to choose a short URL. Generally, the shorter URLs get more web traffic. If the word you want has already been taken, you might want to make up your own word!
  3. Take advantage of the growing availability of social networks. Many companies are now using social networks as tools to expand their business. Social networks are a good way to reach out to new customers, as well as keep old customers updated about any sales, events, etc.
  4. Create a blog. There are many different websites where you can host a blog for free! Having a blog means you can publish updates and information quickly and easily. If you can, update your blog every day.

  5. Have an e-mail list. Another way to reach out to customers is via e-mail. Ask people to enter their e-mail into your website if you want to send them a mass message later.
  6. Buy advertising space on other websites. If your website isn’t getting much traffic yet, buy a space on a website that does!
  7. Use SEO best practices. SEO, or search engine optimization, can help you get your site to come up first when someone does a related web search. One way to do this is to do research to find out what words people are likely to search. Using this data, you can pick out keywords to use strategically in the text on your website to make it more searchable.
  8. Put up pictures. Posting pictures of your business and the people who work there can be appealing and make your company seem more human. Also, pictures are always great for catching the eye!
  9. Network. Reach out to other businesses, bloggers, and individuals online. The more connections you make, the more people are likely to see your website.

Take the Next Step

Building a strong web presence has never been more important. Follow these tips to increase your online exposure!

This is a guest post by blogger Michelle, who blogs on SEO services.

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