Why do you Want to Become Unsuccessful Entrepreneur?

If you are working hard but not getting desired result then what is the problem? Why are you become unsuccessful entrepreneur? Here you can see most common types of unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

  1. Unplanned entrepreneur: they have no plan to execute. They do not know what would be next goal to achieve in the very next month. They do not have disaster management for disaster situation like recession. Are you one of them? The first step to start a business is making a business and marketing plan to ensure that you will not going wrong. Write your monthly goals in the paper and follow a plan to achieve them one by one.

  2. Unfocused entrepreneur: Do you have loads of products but precious few sales? Are you in hurry to finish your lot of work? If you found answer `yes’ then you are a unfocused entrepreneur.

  3. In this situation you need to calm down and focus on them one by one. First take one project and plan out what to do or not. Focus on competitor’s sales like what product they will sale and what you can do to sell more. Now make your marketing strategy.

    If you have another project then prepares its business plan and marketing plan separately. Do not merge with other project. Otherwise it will give you headache. Also you should check that it would work with previous project or not. If not then target this project into next year because it is not a good idea to run more than one project at a time with different taste.

    The most common problem to handle more than one problem is staffing and money. Staffing is most crucial part of a business. No one can effectively and profitably implement too many projects at once successfully.

  4. Under Financed Entrepreneur: those entrepreneurs who are facing money problem. Are you likely to run out of money soon? Are you stretching your resources too thin? Or are you finding problems with loans? If you found the answer `yes’ then you are a under financed entrepreneur. When you want to promote more products or new products you need to ensure that you have enough money to promote them. If you want to start your business then you need to ensure that you have enough money for disaster. It is important because you can protect your business physically but you can not protect your business from natural disasters.

Make sure that you have enough funding to make it a success and to survive the first few months. Make a business plan and take a cost benefit analysis for financial needs.

Many successful entrepreneurs also became unsuccessful at the starting. But they have followed their elders or achievers. Learn form them and implemented it on their business. Before start your business takes many advices and tricks for success.

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