How to Find Smart Solutions For Windows PC Problems

Every problem has a solution; in fact most problems have more than one solution. However, some solutions are referred to as smart solutions as they are simply better than the rest in the long run. Other solutions just offer a solution on a short term basis.

This can be easily validated in the case of computer errors. When you receive a computer error, you have the option to call a PC expert to repair the error or you can choose to see if you can solve the problem on your own. When the problem appears for the first time, it is likely that your expert will repair the problem faster than you can. However, by the time the problem happens a second or third time, you may be as fast as the expert and will save money. So, you would have learned a new thing, saved money and become more composed to solve computer issues. This is the reason why, you should always be on the look-out for a smart solution and not just any solution.

Well the smartest way to solve a problem, is to prevent it. Just a few PC maintenance tasks can not only help you prevent several PC problems, but also enable you to enjoy a high-performance, high-speed PC for a long time. Let???s have a look at some of these tasks:

  • Avoid installing outdated software on your computer. Many DLL and EXE errors occur when installing old versions of programs that copy outdated files to your computer. To fix DLL errors that may occur after you install old versions of a program, try to look for an update for this program and install it.

  • Prevent malware infections. Virus and spyware infections may corrupt your program files and generate errors, such as the wimgapi.dll not found error. To prevent errors caused by these programs, you must regularly scan and clean your computer with the help of a reliable security tool. You may choose to have a comprehensive tool that scans all types of malware or opt for separate antivirus and antispyware tools.

  • Scan and fix registry problems: Invalid Page Fault or IPF errors, DLL errors and EXE errors are some of the common errors that may occur due to invalid or corrupt registry entries. To fix IPF error and other errors caused by registry problems, it is essential that you scan and clean your registry on a regular basis. An efficient and reliable way to fix registry problems is by using a good registry cleaner tool.

  • Keep your hard disk clutter free and defragmented: As you add new software, create new files and folders, download emails, browse the Internet and perform various other activities on your computer, your hard disk gets filled up with a large amount information that you actually don???t need. This information usually comprises temporary files, obsolete program setup files, and other outdated data. To get rid of this data and free up space on your hard disk, you may use the Disk Clean up tool that ships with Windows. After disk cleanup, you may use the Disk Defragmenter tool to rearrange your files to make them contiguous. This not only helps in optimizing the hard disk, but also speeds up the performance of your computer.

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