How to Get Real-Time Content for WebSites & Blogs

How to Get Real-Time Content for WebSites & Blogs: Sency Real Time Search offers a simple to use widget that gives your blog access to up to the minute buzz on what’s going on across social media (primarily Twitter). Available in a WordPress Plug-in or HTML 5 snippet. The video below shows the process to embed using code generated via their web site – or you can install the wordpress plug-in, then activate the widget via your WP control panel. There is a version of the widget running in the right rail near the bottom.

WebSite101 loves the filtering Sency does! We tried the Twitter keyword widget, but found it lacking due to the need to filter out the dreck of profanity, street slang, and pointless drivel. Some of that does occasionally make it through, but there seems to be far less of it than seen in the Twitter provided widget. I used the twitter tools to filter out some of the junk and profanity, but ran out of options due to 140 character limit on the filter. Hmmm

So I pulled the twitter widget and started using the Sency Widget here. I’ve got some display issues on a Mac using the Safari browser, but after checking it most other OS and browser combinations, it seems to work well everywhere else.

I also love the second tab, which shows the most popular links shared via social conversations in the real time web. I’m sure visitors will find that feature useful too. Providing relevant information from today’s most popular business links people are sharing.

I found it a bit odd that when I clicked through to a result from the scrolling posts, that it took me to Sency, instead of sending me to the source of the tweet or Facebook status update. This seems to be standard practice for aggregators and, to be fair, is a small cost to justify their overhead in producing a free tool like this.

Overall, I’m impressed and plan to continue using the Sency widget to watch the pulse of the Business and exactly what’s going on with entrepreneurs in the real-time stream.

Highly recommended!

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