Easy Guest Blogging with MyBlogGuest (Infographic)

I am a regular reader of Advanced Web Ranking, a blog run by the brilliant Dana Loiz. So when I saw her giving high praise to a website called My Blog Guest, I was curious. What she had to say was:

“Aside from the fact that it brings together both sides of the blogosphere, My Blog Guest makes guest blogging easier.”

That might seem like a rather simple quote to have caught my attention. But anyone who has ever tried to cold-search for guest blogging opportunities knows how frustrating it can be. Anything that can make the process easier is going to spark some interest for me.

She also said that her personal experience led to being “able to understand what my options were, to make the needed connections and to get myself moving”.

What Is MyBlogGuest?

Simply put, My Blog Guest is a website that connect blog owners and guest writers. Instead of forcing you to bid on projects, it is the other way around. The blog owner will see posts you have put up in the Article Gallery and they can ask you for permission to use it.

You get full credit, and you don’t have to write anything customized. It is entirely your work.

How It Works

When a blogger comes across your post, they can put in a bid. This bid will go to your PM box, as well as your email. You select one blog for every article.

You will then be alerted when your article goes live. You will get a full byline with contact information, increasing your visibility. Then you can monitor it through their link building tool. That includes link status (live, broken, nofollowed, etc), shares on Facebook and Twitter links.

If it is removed or edited at all, you will get a message letting you know.


For a full tutorial of how this works, be sure to check out these great user created YouTube videos. The users go through the entire site, showing you where everything goes and how to use the tools.

You can download this infographic in various layouts as well as read the short story behind the project here.

My Blog Guest makes Guest Blogging Easier

My Blog Guest makes Guest Blogging Easier

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