WordPress Widgets That Will Transform Your Blog

WordPress is one of the best ways to edit and maintain a blog. It allows users to easily customize and manage their blog. Beginner and advanced bloggers alike love WordPress, making it perhaps the most popular blogging software. Best of all – it’s free. There are also thousands of different widgets you can add to enhance your blogging capabilities. Here are some WordPress Widgets that will transform your blog.

All in One SEO Pack

This widget will be a huge help in optimizing your WordPress blog for the search engines. It will automatically generate SEO titles and META tags, and it works seamlessly with all other plug-ins you have already downloaded. It supports Google Analytics and custom post types, it will enhance your navigational links, and it provides integration for WP e-Commerce sites. You can customize everything this widget does, or you can just sit back and let it immediately get to work transforming your blog.


If your blog suffers from too many spam comments that it’s hard to keep up, this widget will be a lifesaver for you. Akismet will automatically check every comment that is posted to your blog for spam. You can review all the comments that are flagged as spam, and you can view more information about each comment to ensure accuracy, but this widget is incredibly good at catching and preventing spam.

Contact Form 7

Every good blog has a “Contact” page. This widget will help improve yours. It will allow you to place a contact form on your blog so your readers can directly email you by just entering their message and hitting “send”. This is a great feature to have on your blog because it will encourage people to contact you by making it incredibly easy for them to do so.


This widget will transform your blog for your mobile users. It will make your blog look almost like an app and change the features so when someone views it on a smartphone, it will look its absolute best. This widget is a must-have to make your blog mobile-friendly. You can easily customize the mobile look and features without altering any of your original blog code. And mobile viewers can easily choose to switch back to the original look of your blog if they prefer.

Google XML Sitemaps

Having a sitemap is an essential element if you want to impress the search engine spiders who will decide you blogs ranking. Sitemaps significantly increase your SEO, and this widget will automatically create a sitemap for you that is designed exactly how the spiders want to see it. It works with all WordPress pages and custom URLs.

Smart YouTube PRO

This widget will help you add dimension to your site by allowing you to easily embed videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more. The videos will appear right inside your blog posts where viewers can click “play” and watch without being directed away from your blog. You can also do more, like extract video thumbnails, embed playlists, autoplay videos, and add a video sidebar to your blog.

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