How to Backup a WordPress Blog with WP-Backup Plug-in

Backing up a WordPress blog is not something many of us think of because it is stored on your web server and you expect that server to be secure, reliable and error free. Unfortunately, things can go wrong at your host and you may find your blog gone one day due to database failures or errors, server crashes or any number of unforeseen events. I suggest that you consider WP DB Backup Plug-in to do this important task.

Another blogger friend asked me if I did backups of my blog and I said, yes, I backup the database using tools provided by my host. I do it manually on an irregular schedule – when I think of it. But giving it some thought for a day or two lead me to look up options for backup of my blog. I’d be horrified if I lost it and decided I better figure out how to protect it with backups.

Fortunately, just like many other things WordPress – there are plug-ins for that! Below is a video from discussing how to install and set up that backup plug-in for WordPress. Great stuff and highly recommended. This tool allows you to store a copy on your own computer and even to have backups automated and emailed to you on a regular schedule. I’m on my way to install it now. 🙂

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