Domain Front-Running Story at WebProNews

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Domain Frontrunning is called a “Protection Practice” by Network Solutions and is discussed a domain frontrunning article by Jason Miller of WebProNews, and is interviewed on the SEO101 show from with hosts Caroline Shelby and David Brown talking about the practice of reserving domains that are searched, but not purchased at the NetSol site. ICANN’s Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) frontrunning study (PDF) determined that Network Solutions was indeed doing that.

NetSol admitted to the practice and backed off of it, but continues their “Protection Program” suggesting that if you call them, they would cancel the “Hold” they had placed on your searched domains OR that you could use their “Whois” search to find out if a domain was available without triggering the “Protection Program” or as we know it – front-running.

Apparently ICANN received over 150 complaints on the practice and determined that only a portion were actual cases of Frontrunning. This is month-old news, but interesting to hear it discussed by Miller, who thoroughly researched the article for WebProNews.

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