ICANN’s New Generic Top Level Domain Names (gTLD)

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A new round of top level domains (TLD’s) is being considered by the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) and they’ve posted a gTLD draft proposal evaluation flow chart (PDF) for “Discussion Purposes on the ICANN web site. The flow chart recommends a minimum of 18 steps to gain approval for a new gTLD as seen in the marked up version below:


OK, so new and existing registrars will be allowed to propose new gTLD’s (new domain extensions such as .com, .net etc.) and submit them to an approval process which essentially breaks down into the following rules:

  1. It should be good and not harmful/offensive
  2. It should work for everyone politically and technically
  3. Registrars should be able to perform and deliver flawlessly
  4. Winning registrar pays the piper and gains approval

First here’s the existing list of domain names, plus reference to the 258 two letter country name TLD’s.

Generic top-level domains
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Wow! I want to jump in there and offer up a few ideas and proposals of my own. Nevermind that I can’t deliver, can’t win the auction to sell my proposed names and all that. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just have our first name as a domain? So I’d reserve valentine.mike – You know Valentine (Dot) Mike – hey! Why not? That would really be delivering domain NAMES!

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